Top Ten of the Deadliest Scorpions In the World


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1 Arizona Bark Scorpion

I'm deathly afraid of these things, ANY of them can't stand them no matter what kind it is.
This one is Painful and potentially deadly. - LadyofMystery2015

2 Indian Red Scorpion

This one is considered the most lethal of ALL scorpions! - LadyofMystery2015


3 Stripe Tailed Scorpion (aka Devil Scorpion)

Venomous, but not considered dangerous. - LadyofMystery2015

4 Black Spitting Thick Tailed Scorpion

Most Venomous number 2 - LadyofMystery2015

5 Arizona Hairy Scorpion
6 Striped Bark Scorpion

Most Venomous number 1 - LadyofMystery2015

7 Arabian Fat-Tailed Scorpion

Most Venomous number 4 - LadyofMystery2015

8 Deathstalker

How can this not be number 1? It is the most venomous species of scorpion in the world.

It is the sixth deadliest animal in the world

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9 Yellow Fat -Tailed Scorpion

Most Venomous number 3 - LadyofMystery2015

10 Giant Black Scorpion
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1. Arizona Bark Scorpion
2. Indian Red Scorpion
3. Arizona Hairy Scorpion
1. Indian Red Scorpion
2. Arizona Bark Scorpion
3. Stripe Tailed Scorpion (aka Devil Scorpion)


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