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1 Black Mamba Black Mamba

My favorite snake is the Black Mamba. Its length is 7 - 14 feet and the Black Mamba is the fastest snake in the world also, reached to speed limits of 12 miles per hour. THIS IS MY FAVORITE SNAKE! Please like :D - knightAlex2004

The Black Mamba's venom is neurotoxic causing even a small bite to paralyze its prey and shut down the victims vital organs. It can bite its victim up to 12 times injecting enough venom to kill 25 men. Its named 'Black Mamba' for the colour of the inside of its mouth. It kills tens of thousands of people every year and is by far the most aggressive and venomous snake in the world. It can move with speeds up to 12.5mph making it the worlds fastest snake. It is one of the worlds largest venomous snakes. The Black Mamba's "kiss of death" bite has a 100% mortality rate unless treated with an antivenin immediately. - Irateyourmum

It's the fastest snake in the world, only 2 drops of its venom can kill you it can look a grown man in the eye it can spit poison and is deadly even when it's dead. P! us it looks evil it's entire mouth is pitch black.

The black mamba is one of the most aggressive venomous snakes and is the fastest snake of them all. It is known for its black mouth and black back. Their neurotoxin can kill a fully grown man in less than 45 minutes and they are so stealthy that when you notice it, it is too late. The black mamba is my favorite snake of all time.

The fastest and the most poisonous snake. Deserves to be on the first rank.

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2 King Cobra King Cobra

If you categorize on accord of toxic intensity then inland is first above all. But we are rating snakes as per all criteria. Such as-1) Venom above 200mg which can kills 25 adults at a time.2) it can spit to eyes if it sees bigger animal.3) it can kill like a python.3) it eats mainly other snakes like rattle snake, krait etc. And the only snake eater among snakes.4) unlike black mamba which are generally shy and don't attack if not threatened, king cobra attack if they see you in their territory.5) it's the only snake which makes nest like a bird nest and watch the eggs until they hatch.6) it can stand 1/3rd of it's body (18.6 ft max length) with its hood wide open which makes it look more scarier.7) it can bite from a distance of more than 2 meters (nearly 3 mtr).8) more human killings than any-other snake in the world. THAT IS ENOUGH to describes to be a king among all poisonous.

This has to be the absolute deadliest. It kills the inland taipan AND black mamba. Also, this snake kills more humans and animals than any other snake. AND it injects the most poison than any other snake in each bite, this changes the tide against the black mamba, giving the cobra the advantage if they ever came face to face, plus it neurotoxins act extremely fast

King cobra is number 1 they could kill a black mamba and an inland taipan easily true they are not the fastest that is the black mamba or the most venomous like that is the inland taipan but has size strength as well as good speed and venom although not the best. They are the most deadliest snake. King cobras specialise in hunting other snakesso would just see both of them as its dinner.

Most intelligent snake on planet...
They have memory upto some extent
It can give a dry bite sometimes just to scare you off
Otherwise it controls the amount of venom it wants to inject every time
It is recorded to to give maximum amount of venom in a single bite and can kill a adult elephant..

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3 Inland Taipan Inland Taipan

I am seriously so sick and tired of hearing people say that Inland Taipan is the most dangerous snake in the world because it has the most lethal toxin. Guys, there's more to Deadliness then just how strong you are. The Inland Taipan is strong, but it's incredibly shy. The Inland Taipan will almost never attack a human unless they feel super threatened. On top of that, that would also mean that very few people die to this thing. Just because you have the most potent venom doesn't make the deadliest.

To all those people who are saying this is the deadliest snake in the world, you are wrong, wrong, WRONG. Sure the Inland Taipan has the most potent snake poison, but just because your powerful doesn't mean your deadly. There have been NO recorded documents of anyone being killed by an Inland Taipan. NONE!

It is the most venomous, I will grant you that so it does belong here, but it not the deadliest and is shy so again it belongs here. The only time it is extremely deadly is in captivity, where it will kill anything in its way to the exit or just if the animal is in captivity with it, in clouding females of the same species!

The inland Taiwan is the best because it has the most lethal venom

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4 Anaconda

The anaconda is not a poisonous or venomous snake. It is a constrictor. The anaconda wraps its body around the victim like a coil and squeezes and tightens until the victim is crushed to death. The anaconda is extremely heavy and muscular. An infant anaconda's constriction is about as strong as a Harley Davidson motorbike being placed on a adult humans chest. A mature/adult anaconda's constriction is the equivalent of a double decker bus being pushed down on an adult humans chest. The snake eats you whole from the head first. It has loose but fixed teeth which move like rows of feet. This helps the anaconda eat its large prey. The teeth help slide the prey into the snakes mouth. The anaconda is not the most deadly snake ever among all the species but it is the deadliest constrictor and one of the most popular snakes. The anaconda isn't aggressive as much on land as it is in water. The anaconda waits in murky brown water (camouflaged by its skins equally brown colour) waiting for ...more - Irateyourmum

Most Deadly Snake Ever! It Can Kill In Minutes! Be Careful Or Else It Will Attack You, Wrap You, And Constrict Squeeze And Crush The Life Out Of You! Plus: It Can Swallow You Headfirst And Whole Pushing And Squeezing You Down Into It's Stomach Thus Digesting And Dissolving You!

I don't see why they are so dangerous. They only eat every three weeks or so. That means that the chances that you will come across one that wants to eat you is extremely low - Mono


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5 Death Adder

This animal is one of the most dangerous animals in the world, it should be in the Top 5.

If you must know, most bites are no longer fatal. It was deadly, but there is a cure now.

Death adder is nothing compared to inland taipan and black mamba

YOU ARE SO STUPID! the death Adder is the most deadliest snake in the whole world I've come face to face with it and nearly died!

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6 Taipan

Taipan is the deadliest snake in the world, yeh sure Sea Snake should be in the top ten but this should be first, deadliest snake venom in the world - roblist

The Australian Inland Taipan has the deadliest, most toxic venom on the planet..its No; 1 the Death Adder is No;2 the Australian common tiger is No;3, the tiger is responsible for the fastest human death by snakebite..just 3 min55 sec's.

3rd Deadliest venom
Big fangs
High venom injection volume

The taipan is actually two species and one of them is already on this list - Mono

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7 Russell's Viper

This snake is very aggressive and will do a lot of damage to your body. It is common in India and is one of the Big Four-the four snakes causing the most snakebite deaths in South Asia.

In terms of how many they kill, Russell's Viper is one of the most dangerous.

This snake is nothing compared to king cobra

Isn't there a snake on Snake Island that is really dangerous?

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8 Reticulated Python

No it's the anaconda

Super strong biggest snake

The longest and strongest snake of the world

ala ala

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9 Sea Snake

1 milligram of venom is enough to kill 200 men. The Belcher's sea snake is often brought up with fishing nets making it extremely deadly to fishermen

They are only dangerous when threatened. They are quite friendly and curious and love to examine divers' gear - Mono

Sea snakes may be deadly but like sharks they rarely attack people.

Deadlier than any other snake. Its venom can kill more than 200-500 men. Not joking

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10 Green Anaconda

Not as strong as yellow anaconda

Not venomous but strong

Its beast as heck man

L believe they're the best because they're the heaviest snake in the world and they can swallow animals hole.

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? Corn Snake

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11 Rattlesnake

There are only two rattlesnakes were I live eastern massasauga and timber

This snake is nothing compared to black mamba

There's only one rattlesnake where I live - Mono


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12 Australian Brown Snake

I saw a 140kg pig bitten by this kind of snake, it just took 2minutes to get that pig to lay down and died 7 minutes after the biting... And the worst thing is, brown snakes are so common in Queensland Australia bush areas, where you can see at least an average of two snake everyday during summer...

Scary thing, this snake. Causes 60% of Aussie deaths. That's deadly. - PositronWildhawk

How is this not in the top ten?


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13 West African Green Mamba
14 Rhinoceros Viper

One bite equals tissue failure and everything else in your body doesn't work anymore and you're are dead

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15 Boomslang

A EXTREMELY VENOMOUS SNAKE the boomslang is not agressive but still dangerous

Very very very dangerous he should be number 4

Boomslang is a colourful snake that has horns and it's venom is very dangerous

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16 Spitting Cobra

Should be in ten because more aggressive than sea snake

Deadly and evil, you may be blind if they spite on your eyes hahah!

So plbkjghrgeyujhvfrtyukjhgfr

17 Egyptian Cobra

They are quite poisonous, indeed. It's said that Cleopatra was bitten by one, which was the cause of her death.

18 Mozambique Spitting Cobra

It can spit venom more than 10 feet is the deadliest

19 Burmese Python

Every snake can choke an animal to death

Should be higher. This guy can squeez you to death


Constrictors, I have read are the most dangerous snakes in the world. The ones that get really large and heavy, like Burmese or reticulated Pythons, or anacondas, can easily crush the life out a grown man in a matter of minutes. There’s no anti-venom to protect you against having your body crushed to death, your organs destroyed, and all the air squeezed out of your lungs. Several years ago, I heard a story of a guy that was killed by his Burmese Python when attempting to feed it solo. The snake quickly overpowered him and that was all she wrote. They also did an experiment where they hooked a paramedic to a machine designed to replicate a constrictor on a man, utilizing the same pressure that is exerted by the snakes. They attached life monitoring devices to the man’s body and then began to squeeze. I’m less than 3 minutes, they had to disconnect because he was being crushed to death. It’s true that the snake has to try to kill you if they are constrictors as opposed to just ...more

20 Eastern Diamondback Rattlesnake

It's a rattlesnake they were already mentioned one of my favorite snakes

I think this is at least the second most deadly snakes in the world

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