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41 Bushmaster

The largest pit viper and 3rd longest poisonous snake black mamba is the 2nd an king cobra is the longest

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42 Egyptian Asp

This is what killed Cleopatra; they can also be called the Egyptian Cobra.

No one is killed by them they should be called Egyptian tree snakes

43 Belcher's Sea Snake

Most venomous snke wow 0 percent guys please believe me

44 Forest Cobra
45 Viper Viper
46 Carpet Viper

The AMAZING LOOKING carpet viper killed 3 people a year with one bite

47 Bamboo Viper

Cool eyebrows, Snake eye awesome viper. Yo imagine this: western diamondback and Puff Adder combined. Oh ya.

48 Cottonmouth

They are some of the deadliest snakes in the world. If you get bit, get to a hospital as quickly as possible.

Seen a couple of those down south

49 Yellow Bellied Sea Snake

My comparison to Yellow Bellied Sea Snake for man in yellow costum of serial Xena: Warrior Princess. This magic man his name Eli. Eli his helping to Xena and Gabrielle his magic talent.

50 Green Mamba

No idea but The 2 spieces of green mamba are knowned to kill faster than any other land snakes. Twice as fast as the black mamba with no antidoses available. Maybe some seasnake is worse...

51 British Adder

British Adder is England form Adder,s. This is dark snake, my copmare to British Adder to warrior offer serial Xena: Warrior princess, this warrior is me name VIRGIL. VIRGIL be man, warrior and friend Xena and Gabriela. VIRGIL be Joxer, s son. VIRGIL discover in 5 and 6 season, Xena.

52 Sidewinder

A desert animal, hides in sand and then surprises you!

53 Bush Viper
54 Copperhead

No one should vote

Deadly snake

55 Eyelash Viper
56 Asian Cobra
57 Texas Coral Snake
58 Cape Cobra
59 Brown Snake
60 African Rock Python
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