Top Ten Death Battles We Want to See

Except for the cussing and other such things, the battles themselves are really cool thing to watch.

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Sailor Moon vs. Madoka Kaname

Who is Madoka Kaname? I've never heard of him/her before, but I've heard of Sailor Moon.

Madoka Kaname is from an anime series called Puella Magi Madoka Magica.

Battle of the Magical Girls! Who would win?

Luffy vs. Naruto

This Death Battle needs to happen. Not only are Naruto and One Piece some of the most popular manga/anime right now but this could also settle the Pirate vs Ninja debate that's been hanging around the internet for years.

I am a deathbattle fan till the end. And this is a good one. Not to mention it's a dangerous one. From what happened to Goku and Gaara having two anime characters that are famous and one dies would piss of a lot of people

There's a One Minute Melee version of it. Maybe we'll see a full Death Battle of it in Season 3 of Death Battle in March 2016?

Wait until luffy beats doflamingo. He's gonna be crazy strong afterwards. There's no doubt in my mind he could beat Naruto though.

Pit vs Sora

They both have really interesting and varied arsenals, and I feel they could do something cool with this.

This would definitely be able fight worth seeing

This one is actually the next death battle.

These two are so similar that it'd be cool to see them fight...

Ganondorf vs Count Dracula (Castlevania)

Yes the power of darkness it has to happen

I want to see this battle

Green Lantern vs Nova

I think nova will takeout green lanter

Bowser's Army vs Dedede's Army

Waddle Dees can wield spears! Not to mention Waddle Dees repeatedly jump and can use that to their advantage to beat every Goomba, Koopa Troopa, and any other enemy Bowser can throw at them. Plus, Waddle Doos can naturally use beams and don't even need weapons.

How about Bowser vs Dedede themselves?

Waddle dees are better than goombas by far

Ratchet and Clank vs Jak and Daxter

Stop voting for this one, as it is the next Death Battle!

This is actually the next one!

That would not be too good.

Playstaion rivals till the end

Gandalf vs Dumbledore

Dumbledore took an Evada Kadavra to the face. His actor can die and he still will appear in future films, kicking ass and casting spells.

I prefer Gandalf overall. But Dumbledore would smash him.

Dumbledore shall not live.

Gandalf would win here.

Inuyasha vs Ranma Saotome
Little Mac vs Balrog

This could practically go either way, Barlog is more durable, but little mac is faster and more agile, and Debatebly more experienced.The main problem for little mac is that even with Giga mac, Barlog punches are WAYY too strong.

Why? They have nothing in common for this battle to make any sense.

They're both powerful boxers, this makes sense

The Contenders

Wolverine vs. Captain America

Captain America is fighting Batman in the next episode, dude!

It is an awesome matchup but these two have met before

Colonel Roy Mustang vs Prince Zuko

Snap, snappin' until the other guy dies

Let’s be honest, Roy Mustang for the win!

King Bradley vs Deadpool

PLEASE... Let it happen

Madotsuki vs Isaac
Samus vs. Mega Man

Um, this isn't a fair matchup. If both were to exhaust arsenals up, Samus would just beat Megaman in every way.

Mega man wins and I want this

Yes please!

Can the guy who keeps posting stuff about beavis and butthead stop it would be a horrible idea and why would beavis and butthead even do that

Cole Macgrath (Infamous) vs Alex Mercer (Prototype)

I like the idea, but what about "Alex Mercer vs Jackie Estacado"?
Don't get me wrong I don't disagree with your idea entirely.

MegaMan Battle Royale

Just yes. I really wanna see which Mega Man would be the strongest.

I think megaman.exe or starforce would be the winner

Sorry but no

Michael Myers vs Jeff the Killer

This way too easy Mike because he can't be killed and Jeff can. Case closed

I like both but Myers hands down.

Myers would win

Zoro vs. Kirito

I can think of more fair combatants for Kirito than Zoro. Zoro would obviously beat Kirito due to more training and wielding three swords. Maybe it should be Kirito vs Shiroe or Kirito vs Eren. Kirito vs Shiroe: Kirito would have to win. He's physically stronger and can cut through magic! How's Shiroe gonna beat him? It won't be an easy fight, but Kirito would definitely win! Kirito vs Eren: It's a 50/50 split between over who would win. But seeing as this is Death Battle, Eren would most likely be able to use his Titan form and most likely win the fight unless Kirito can find his weak spot at the nape, although I don't think that will happen.

Two awesome swordsman going at it Kirito the SAO survivor and Roronoa Zoro of the straw hat pirates

Two awesome swordsman going at it

Jackie Chan vs. Chuck Norris

Te Drunken Fist would outmatch a few of Norris's styles but in the end... Jackie would still win.

I think he was a rival to Selena Gomez once.

I'm pretty sure there's no contest here.

Jackie would have a definite lose

Edward Elric vs Maka Albarn

Two of the greatest anime protagonists from Bones-produced anime series. Who would win?

Light from Death Note vs. Lelouch from Code Geass

Yes, Yes, YES! But Lelouch would win Light's to cocky.

Sonic the Werehog vs Fierce Deity Link
Kenpachi vs Kratos
Lina Inverse vs Edward Elric
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