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201 Ganondorf vs. Sephiroth
202 Loki vs Joker
203 Princess Peach vs Kirby

Kirby - yunafreya648

204 Pikachu vs Luigi
205 Amy Rose vs Toad
206 Jax vs Knuckles

Both are powerful so who will win?

207 Doomsday vs Mephiles the Dark

Doomsday killed Superman, Mephiles killed Sonic. This would be a epic battle.

208 Freddy Fazbear vs Flippy (Happy Tree Friends)
209 Foxy vs Tails Doll
210 Godzilla vs Doomsday
211 Sonic.EXE vs Tails Doll V 1 Comment
212 Beliebers vs Swifties
213 Swifties vs Directioners
214 Queen Elsa vs Rapunzel
215 Predalien vs Berserker Predator
216 The Masked Man (Mother 3) vs Darth Vader
217 Spongebob vs. Dora
218 Daisy vs Blaze the cat

No blaze the cat would win idiot daisy has no chance against burning blaze

Daisy would win but it would be a very close battle

219 Crash Bandicoot vs Spyro the Dragon
220 Freddy Krueger vs Jason Voorheas vs Michael Myers

Jason voorhees

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