Top Ten Death Battles We Want to See

Except for the cussing and other such things, the battles themselves are really cool thing to watch.

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41 Ghost Rider vs Morrigan Aensland
42 Link vs. Legolas
43 Galactus vs. Unicron

Yes this need to be happen

44 Mickey Mouse vs Jerry the Mouse
45 Hulk vs Superman
46 Daffy Duck Vs Donald Duck

You better not let Daffy Duck vs. Donald Duck happen! I prefer Daffy Duck vs. Mega Man.

Never! I prefer Daffy Duck vs. Crash Bandicoot.

How about Amy Rose vs. Donald Duck?

Donald would kick daffy's butt hands down.

47 Lara Croft vs Nathan Drake Lara Croft vs Nathan Drake Lara Croft is a fictional character and the protagonist of the Square Enix video game franchise Tomb Raider.

It's happening, season 4 is starting off with a big one, the hype is real!

Lara has this

48 Dexter vs Jimmy Neutron
49 Ridley vs Smaug
50 Light from Death Note vs. Lelouch from Code Geass
51 Teen Titans vs Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
52 Little Mac vs Rocky Balboa

How about Little Mac vs. Minnie Mouse?

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53 Sub-Zero vs Killer Frost
54 Ichigo vs. Trunks (The First One That Shows Up)

It awesome if they fought

I will love to see this fight ichigo vs trucks it will be the battle of swords but in my opinion I think ichigo will kill trunks.

55 Mewtwo vs Frieza

This suggestion just makes me confused.. Firstly: There really isn't that much in common between the two other than their appearance and that they're both awesome villains. Secondly: It would be way too much of a stomp for Frieza. Because while Mewtwo does have a stat total of 680 which is a powerful amount. Frieza can destroy planets which can overkill Mewtwo. Don't get me wrong the concept works but once you actually examine the facts this is something that won't happen. This would make a good One Minute Melee though - nerffan8000

Kind of ironic because the one minute melee happened a few days after you posted this - ahomeschoolingroudon

Pretty much the most powerful villains in the two universes. It would be awesome to see them fight.

It would make more sense to make Mewtwo vs Cell. Think about it:
They are both genetically engineered to be the world's strongest warrior and rebelled against their masters, wanting to take control of the world.
The only similarity between Mewtwo and Frieza is that Frieza's final form kind of looks like Mewtwo.

56 Banjo Kazooie vs Crash Bandicoot

Why don't you like Banjo Kazooie vs. Rosalina?! Okay, then how about Banjo Kazooie vs. Beavis & Butthead?

HELL NO! How about Banjo Kazooie vs. Princess Rosalina?

Also, Peach vs. Zelda sucked.

Also, Princess Rapunzel has always been bull!

I'd think Banjoand kazooie would win this fight. I hope they make it. - nintendofan126

57 Maka Albarn vs Ruby Rose

This has been one of the most highly-recommended Death Battles in the comment sections. Why is it only #191 on this list?!

58 Bruce Lee vs Chuck Norris

Call me crazy, but Bruce Lee for sure. - RalphBob

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59 Rayne vs. Blade
60 Jon Talbain vs Saberwulf
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