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61 Ghost Rider Vs Dormammu
62 Bowser vs King K. Rool
63 Jason Voorhess vs Micheal Myers

Jason would have a easy victory

Good fight but I think Jason

Jason would win

64 Johnny Cage vs Dan Hibiki

I think Hercules satan vs dan hibiki vs johns cage "battle of the wimps

65 Darkseid vs Thanos
66 Espio vs Greninja V 1 Comment
67 Ed, Edd n, Eddie vs The Three Stooges

I'm cheering for Ed, Edd, n Eddy! They are better adept at cooperating together. Hell, in the Super Secret Crisis War comic, they even defeated the Dynamo from the Powerpuff Girls series.

68 Abomasnow vs Gengar
69 Captain Falcon vs. Dio Brando

You thought it was the falcon punch, but it was me, Dio! - Spongebobwebarebearsfan

Falcon Punch vs. the infamous MudaMudaMuda + ZA WARUDO + knives + steamroller + WRYYY combo. Might not seem like a fair fight, but you never know with Captain Falcon. - xandermartin98

70 Beliebers. vs TopTenners
71 Bronies vs Anti-Bronies
72 SpongeBob Lovers vs SpongeBob Haters
73 Shulk vs Isaac
74 Harry vs. Hermoine
75 Mewtwo Vs Doctor Doom
76 Paper Mario vs Mr. Game and Watch

This fight would be too epic, sorry

77 Sonic vs The Flash

We're rooting for the blue one to win.

The Flash is much faster than Sonic.

Somic can turn into super and into were-hog. And he's got better hair style. LOL

V 1 Comment
78 Darkseid vs Goku

Awesome it would be!

79 Kirito vs. Eren Jaeger
80 Freddy Krueger vs Freddy Fazbear

Freddy fazbear is made of metal idiots and he will never die because of his soul

We all now then the is going be Krueger. But still will be a good battle - dan28

Freddy fazbear will die for sure.

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