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81 Deadpool vs Wolverine
82 Maka Albarn vs Ruby Rose

This has been one of the most highly-recommended Death Battles in the comment sections. Why is it only #191 on this list?!

83 Elsa (Frozen) vs. Gray (Fairy Tail)

Dumb fight, but Gray would kill Elsa with little to no effort.

Dude, this should happen. - Fandom_Lover

84 Shulk vs Cloud

We need Shulk in a death battle, that would be amazing

85 The Punisher vs The Comedian (Watchman)
86 Mario vs Sonic Rematch.
87 SpongeBob SquarePants vs Lincoln Loud

This would be an extremely awesome fight, but I love both of them and I can't decide which one I want to win - GumballWatterson

I think the majority of people will root for Lincoln - GumballWatterson

88 Dora vs. Justin Bieber

It is close but I want Dora to die

I Don't Know What's Better this Or Barney vs Elmo - nerffan8000

Justin Bieber already fought against Rebecca Black. - Spongebobwebarebearsfan

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89 Kirby vs Asura

How about Kirby vs. Princess Daisy?

How about even Meta Knight vs. Princess Daisy?

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90 Ganondorf vs Jack of Blades
91 MegaMan vs Kirby

There needs to be a "Super Mario & MegaMan (Archie)" Comics as a Sonic & MegaMan replacement.

I'd also like MegaMan vs. Princess Daisy (Mario)

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92 Hulk vs Thing
93 Ryu Vs Jin Kazama
94 Bowser vs. Knuckles

That would be epic! Bowser & Knuckles would steal each other's hair styles.

Bowser vs. Knuckles for the win!

Bowser vs. Knuckles would be very reasonable!

Why don't many people care about "Bowser vs. Knuckles"?! We do.

Guys, do you know how strong Bowser is?

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95 Ryu vs Liu Kang
96 Daisy Duck vs. Donkey Kong
97 Jason Voorhees vs Sweet Tooth

Jason voorhees

98 Minnie Mouse vs. Luigi

A fight between two similar friends of the most famous fiction protagonists Mario & Mickey Mouse.

I would prefer Minnie Mouse vs. Amy Rose.

99 Diddy Kong vs. Amy Rose

That makes sense, because both wear red, have the same light color of fur strands & resemble teenagers. Also, Amy Rse is NOT A 12 YEAR OLD ANYMORE!

Imagine Diddy Kong with the Piko Piko Hammer & Amy Rose wig.

Also, imagine Amy Rose with the Peanut Popgun & Diddy Kong cap. Give me at least 10000 votes on this comment, please.

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100 James Hetfield vs Dave Mustaine

How epic would that be?

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