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101 SpaceGodzilla vs Destroyah
102 Mechagodzilla (Showa) vs Metal Sonic
103 Ness vs Captain Falcon
104 Pac Man vs Pac Devil
105 Toadette vs Midna
106 Arbok vs Magneton
107 Eevee vs Hitmonlee

How would this make sense

108 Team Jacob vs Team Edward V 1 Comment
109 Wii Fans vs Xbox Fans
110 Internet Trolls vs Good People
111 New SpongeBob Lovers vs New SpongeBob Haters
112 Superman vs. the Rest of the World
113 Arceus (Pokemon) vs Amaterasu (Okami)
114 Kirito vs Shiroe

Shiroe definitely won't be in the database when Kirito is done with him.

Kirito has this match hands down.

They're both gamers. And their series are always compared together. It must be done. The Black Swordsman vs The Villain Behind Glasses.
Boomstick: Guess Shiroe just couldn't get through the database.
Wiz: The winner is Kirito.

115 Ken Kaneki vs Shinichi Izumi

Tokyo Ghoul vs Parasyte -the maxim-! Who will win? Will it be Ghoul or Human and Parasyte hybrid?

116 Sans vs. Goku

There is absolutely no way that Sans would win. First of all, he can't take more than one hit before dying, while Goku can take beating after beating without slowing down. Sure, Sans can dodge Chara's attacks, but can a little kid with a knife even compare to Goku? And another thing: Sans doesn't train his abilities. He could be so much more powerful if he actually put effort into his strategy. You wanna know how I know he's the laziest person on the planet? He waited until the very last minute to stop Chara's genocide of the Underground, when everyone but him and Asgore were dead! Sans doesn't care about anything! Goku, on the other hand, is not lazy. When he received news that Androids were to destroy the Earth in three years time from a guy he didn't know if he could trust, he took the initiative and trained everyday for those three years! Whoever thought that the lazy, sloppy, and uncaring Sans could beat the righteous and powerful Goku is a complete idiot!

Goku vs sans not much of a fight Goku would have a bad time stomp for sans.

117 Ahsoka Tano vs Galen Marek
118 Freddy Fazbear vs Slenderman V 1 Comment
119 Cloud Strife vs Arnold Schwarzenegger
120 Alphys vs. Godzilla

I don't know about you guys, but personally I think that Godzilla-sized Alphys is actually a pretty flipping hilarious idea - xandermartin98

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