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121 Alphys vs. Godzilla

I don't know about you guys, but personally I think that Godzilla-sized Alphys is actually a pretty flipping hilarious idea - xandermartin98

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122 Cable (Marvel) vs. Cyborg (DC)
123 Wiz vs Boomstick V 1 Comment
124 Shulk vs Harry Potter
125 Reyn vs Barret Wallace
126 Parappa The Rapper vs Pink Guy
127 Mickey Mouse vs Mario

Mickey Mouse would probably win cause of cartoon logic

The god of videogames vs The god of cartoons
Who will win? - GumballWatterson

128 Bravest Warriors vs. Power Rangers
129 Ron vs. Snape
130 Arthur Weasley vs Snape Arthur Weasley vs Snape
131 Sauron vs Herobrine

This would be awesome!

132 Darth Vader vs Sauron
133 Scorpion vs Kasumi
134 Count Bleck vs Queen Sectonia
135 Monster House Vs The Flying Dutchman's Ship
136 Scorpion Vs Meta Knight

Scorpion was in Death Battle 38, not fighting Meta Knight, but Ryu instead.

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137 Tom Vs Sylvester

Too common. I also prefer Tom vs. Donald Duck

138 Moon Knight Vs Taskmaster
139 Princess Daisy vs SpongeBob

Princess Daisy could also fight Captain Underpants.

She overall does partially look like a Captain Underpants character due to her hairstyle.

Hope fully daisy wins because. Punch to the moon epic

Princess Daisy vs SpongeBob is so underrated!

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140 Rosalina vs. Knuckles

How come nobody cares about Rosalina & Knuckles the Echidna having known each other yet? They have more than 20 things in common.

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