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141 Batman vs Superman

I prefer Mickey Mouse vs. Superman.

Superman wins

142 Meta Knight vs. Conker the Squirrel
143 Blaze vs. Junior Pac-Man V 1 Comment
144 Amy Rose vs. Axel Chains
145 Pit vs. AiAi

Even Palutena vs. AiAi would rock!

146 Katy Perry vs. Austin Mahone

That makes sense. Both are from the Southern States.

147 Waluigi vs. Knuckles

That would be very desiring! Also, both are meant to have about the same alignment score.

148 Princess Daisy vs. Jet the Hawk

Princess Daisy: Yeah, Daisy's the winner!

Jet the Hawk: You can never "win against me, sister"!


V 1 Comment
149 Angry Birds vs. Beavis & Butthead V 3 Comments
150 Kirby vs. Diddy Kong

Kirby is already fighting Majin Buu in Death Battle 39, when he was supposed to fight Diddy Kong because both are awarded as two of the cutest Nintendo characters in general.

Perfect! Let's let ScrewAttack know about this suggestion so that Death Battle would be possible!

151 AiAi vs. Waluigi
152 Ironman vs. Batman

Why isn't Iron Man in Death Battle yet?!

153 Goku vs Twilight Sparkle

The only reason I put this here is because I would love to see twilight getting torn limb from limb.

V 1 Comment
154 Kirby vs Pac-Man

Kirby stomps the planet into pieces, eats it and spits them at Pacs

V 2 Comments
155 Heavy vs Coach
156 Donald Duck vs. Amy Rose

Imagine Donald Duck crossdressing - by stealing Amy Rose's wig & fur putting it on, wearing the dresses & two pieces Amy Rose wears as well as the Piko Piko Hammer & Amy Rose's high-heeled shoes.

Even then, imagine Amy Rose with white feathers, a Donald Duck shirt, a Donald Duck hat & etc...

V 1 Comment
157 Princess Ariel vs. Meta Knight
158 Roy Mustang vs Zuko

This fight is in my top 20 fights I want to see but in my third favorite fire match but my favorite will go to natsu vs avitar aang

159 Bowser vs. Donald Duck
160 Axel Chains vs. Amy Rose
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