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21 Wolverine vs Raiden

I thought death battle picked favorites, but this battle proves they are being fare

This was just awesome. However... Although the High Frequency Blade had many similarities to Antarctic vibranium. Misty Night's arm liquified metal just by being near it. If it is comparable to the murasama, wouldn't it have melted his cyborg metal body?

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22 Vegeta vs Shadow

A super-cool battle with some epic moments, the fight itself was terrific. However, the explanation was lacking. SPOILER ALERT: I mean, they said Vegeta won because he can "take a beating. " Really?

Entertaining: 9/10
Explanation: 5/10 - LittleZbot

Everything in this battle is perfect. Exactly how I'd picture an actual encounter between the two to go down.

There is no such thing as "Sonic is awesome".

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23 Godzilla VS Gamera

Godzilla won because Gamera has a turtle shell with a strong defense but Godzilla is able to heal. I thought Gamera destroyed Godzilla but in the end Godzilla was able to use his ultimate weapon.

One of my favorites along with Robocop vs Terminator, Goku vs Superman, Luigi vs Tails and Scorpion vs Ryu.

The Animation was on point, and the monsters looked amazing

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24 Bomberman vs Dig Dug

The battle's graphics weren't all that good, but the fight itself is. This would've been much higher, however, if the winner wasn't so obvious.

Entertaining: 8/10
Explanation: 8/10 - LittleZbot

25 Nightmare vs Guts

Just an amazing fight

26 Chun-Li vs Mai Shiranui
27 Scorpion vs Ryu

Now I didn't expect this coming but this fight is awesome I love this Mascots & Stars of the Top fighting games totally rocked.

Sure we could've had good matches such as Ryu vs. Liu Kang & Scorpion vs Ghost Rider

But the way how Scorpion brought the fight in the NeatherRealm that was just Awesome

Entertaining: 10/10
Explanation: 9.5/10

And I'll will say Ryu did try his best and so did Scorpion

It was really cool but scorpions "fatality" could have been better

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28 Yang Xiao Long vs Tifa Lockhart

I don't really care if Yang should have won or not. This fight kicks so much ass!

I think this fight is really underrated! I will get hate for this, but I'm not afraid to admit I liked this better than Cloud vs Link that had false information about the gold gauntlets! Like seriously, F that fight!

This fight ruined my child hood but yang is hot so whatever

Best one I've ever seen. One of my personal favorites. - Nick-brick8

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29 Captain America Vs Batman

Cap The First Marvel Character to Lose A Death Battle + I think cap would win he won the war Did he? & can beat batman & when has batman drew his logo he drew his logo on cap's Shield Wow & I was right batman was going to win the winner is batman

I don't care how much rage this death battle has I like this battle no matter what and this is a makeup from Batman vs Spider-man.

Sure Batman vs Spider-man was good but this one I find better.

This was kinda dissapointing as a whole. It's a match up with not a lot of reason for the 2 facing off. It was just catering to batfans who were pissed that spiderman beat him, but cap should have won, the main reason is BATMAN SUCKS he's the worst superhero of all time

I am going to get the batman and the captain america toy from Christmas ok so please respon and text me back ok

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30 Donkey Kong vs Knuckles

Loved this battle. Probably the funniest one in my opinion, with the possible exception of Deadpool vs Deathstroke. It's also the first time in which the Mario character triumphed over the Sonic character.

Showed that not all Mario characters are inferior to Sonic characters.

Only Sonic fanboys hated this battle.

Dashie's gonna hate the results!

31 Pokemon vs. Digimon
32 TMNT Battle Royale

It was pretty obvious leo would win, but it was still a good battle that any fan would want to see

Funny, they died in the exact same order I pictured they would

33 Luigi vs Tails

This is where a draw the line and know they hate Mario, there really is no explanation to say why this battle is so bad cause we all know why. They absolutely made tails outclass Luigi in everything including the fact that they said tails is stronger. Even though this fight had the worst explanation of any battle, it was a little entertaining, 6.5/10 entertaining, for explanation, 0/10, heck, even -1/10.

Luigi should have won, I mean, how does a fake fist penetrate Luigi's stomach? Also, his Negative Zone didn't do anything to Tails. It was entertaining, though.

Tails vs. Dixie Kong could be a little more useful.

Luigi's lightning should have scared tails

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34 Hercule Satan vs Dan Hibiki

Funniest Death Battle in my opinion. - ModernSpongeBobSucks

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35 Dante vs Bayonetta

Man this fight made me want to get devil may cry, too bad the newest game dmc sucks according to the web also I'm broke

Glorious animation, amazing fight, so close to call!

Good fight but now my heart is broken...

One of the best fight videos yet. The outcome was fairly obvious if you know both series as I do, but the animators really splurged on the weapons and clashes. Of course I knew Dante would win because:

1: He's much faster and has ways to counter Witch Time

2: He's ridiculously hard to kill while Bayonetta's witch clan were slaughtered by humans and Bayonetta's survivability is consistent with that: she's tough but quite vulnerable compared to him, though that's because he's meant to be basically invincible

Still, the best female hack n slash protagonist there is still put up a hell of a fight considering she was fighting someone who is meant to be pretty much invincible. Both these characters are awesome and OP, but one is meant to have weaknesses and clear limitations while one is meant to be almost invincible by the end.

36 Yoshi vs Riptor

I liked this one. Yoshi's my favorite Mario character and video game character!

Get this inaccurate junk off the list. Yoshi vs Riptor is the most inaccurate and worst Death Battle ever. Wiz and Boomstick, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!?!

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37 Shao Kahn vs Master Bison
38 Bowser vs Ganondorf
39 Green Arrow vs Hawkeye

During the actual fight the only reason Green Arrow lost is because the death battle people favored Hawkeye and had him not use his nuclear bomb arrow - Username123

Hawkeye will win for his intellegence with a bow and is trained to kill green arrow is trained to hurt

40 Pinkie Pie vs Deadpool

My absolute favorite. A perfect and hilarious way to finish off season 3.

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