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41 Green Arrow vs Hawkeye

During the actual fight the only reason Green Arrow lost is because the death battle people favored Hawkeye and had him not use his nuclear bomb arrow - Username123

Hawkeye will win for his intellegence with a bow and is trained to kill green arrow is trained to hurt

42 Joker vs. Sweet Tooth

How is this so low? This fight is amazing, dramatic and hilarious. Easily my favourite death battle

This one was slightly disturbing... Nice

43 Mewtwo vs Shadow
44 Boba Fett vs Samus Aran Remastered V 2 Comments
45 Ragna vs Sol Badguy
46 Darth Vader vs Doctor Doom V 2 Comments
47 YouTube Poop(ytp) vs Major League Gaming(mlg) V 1 Comment
48 Donkey Kong vs Bowser V 2 Comments
49 Ratchet and Clank vs Jak and Daxter

Oh my god, that final minute of the fight was entertaining, intense, and so in synch with the 1812 overture!
And as someone who had no prior knowledge of either series, it was nice to be introduced to two awesome games.

The RYNO V's grand finale was one of the most entertaining moments in Death Battle, in my humble opinion.

50 Pikachu vs Blanka

Next time put blanka on someone an even match for him

I agree, because not only was pikachu's death quick, YOU DON'T KILL SOMETHING SO CUTE AND CUDDLY! - Nick-brick8

I will amit I like this fight. However I think its unfair of course Blanka would win againest Pikachu. Blanka is a beast. Next time put Pikachu up againest a eleritic type who is not a beast.

I will amit I like this fight but I think its unfair of course Blankawould win a fight pikachu, Blanka is a beast

V 2 Comments
51 Mega Man vs Astro Boy

This was cheap, Astro boy may have superior strength and speed, but mega man has fought enemies of superior stars through out all his career, plus mega man DOES have the necessary weapons to take Astro boy, like the Jewel satellite and the chill spike, I bet if they choose his best weapons rather than the most well known like they should of, then he would kick Astros cyber A$$, bottom line the blue bomber should have won.

It was so unfair, even if Astro had better base stats like speed and strength, mega man has fought powerful beings all the time, and has the required tools to take Astro boy down for good, screw that battle, Mega man would school his cyber A$$ up

V 3 Comments
52 Cloud vs Shulk V 1 Comment
53 Flash VS Quicksilver
54 Indominus Rex vs Stegoceratops

I.Rex is one hybrid that is deadly, but the other hybrid is one hell of a beast. These two genetic hybrids clash in the prehistoric world.

55 Ben 10 vs Max Steel V 1 Comment
56 Bigby Wolf vs Lee Everett
57 He-Man vs. Lion-O
58 Akuma vs. Tsung Lee V 2 Comments
59 Wonder Woman vs. Rogue

Death Battle: Wonder Woman vs. Donald Duck

V 1 Comment
60 Haggar vs Zangief

This battle was good but too short

Why did Princess Peach appear instead of Princess Daisy/Rosalina?!

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