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Death Battle is a Youtube and Screwattack show in which two characters fight to the death. The one remaining is the winner. Although I dislike the foul language in the character descriptions, the battles are always good, if a bit bloody. Nine out of ten times I agreed with the winner. It recently hit 25 episodes.

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41 Donkey Kong vs Knuckles

Loved this battle. Probably the funniest one in my opinion, with the possible exception of Deadpool vs Deathstroke. It's also the first time in which the Mario character triumphed over the Sonic character.

Showed that not all Mario characters are inferior to Sonic characters.

Only Sonic fanboys hated this battle.

Dashie's gonna hate the results!

42 TMNT Battle Royale

It was pretty obvious leo would win, but it was still a good battle that any fan would want to see

Funny, they died in the exact same order I pictured they would

43 Yoshi vs Riptor

I liked this one. Yoshi's my favorite Mario character and video game character!

Get this inaccurate junk off the list. Yoshi vs Riptor is the most inaccurate and worst Death Battle ever. Wiz and Boomstick, WHAT WERE YOU THINKING?!?!

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44 Shao Kahn vs Master Bison
45 Bowser vs Ganondorf
46 Pinkie Pie vs Deadpool

My absolute favorite. A perfect and hilarious way to finish off season 3.

Why this no 1st? - Manowar9

47 Ratchet and Clank vs Jak and Daxter

Oh my god, that final minute of the fight was entertaining, intense, and so in synch with the 1812 overture!
And as someone who had no prior knowledge of either series, it was nice to be introduced to two awesome games.

The RYNO V's grand finale was one of the most entertaining moments in Death Battle, in my humble opinion.

48 Meta vs Carolina

This battle in my opinion was not the best in terms of animation. But the lead up was so good. and the reveal that Sarge was Boomstick's father was so hilarious. I just really don't get why this battle got the hate it did while Cammy vs. Sonya got none.

Wiz & Boomstick meet the Blood Gulch crew. Priceless!

49 Sephiroth vs Vergil
50 Wonder Woman vs. Rogue

Death Battle: Wonder Woman vs. Donald Duck

You guys are dumb Wonder Woman Should Win She Lost Easliy

51 Mewtwo vs Shadow
52 Naruto vs Ichigo
53 Boba Fett vs Samus Aran Remastered

This was literally too cool.

This fight a didint like and with the freez gun it's unfair

54 Ragna vs Sol Badguy
55 YouTube Poop(ytp) vs Major League Gaming(mlg)

It would be cool idea like that Boi Vs Spingebill

56 Donkey Kong vs Bowser

Not complete yet

How the hell did DK beat bowser!?!

57 Mega Man vs Astro Boy

This was cheap, Astro boy may have superior strength and speed, but mega man has fought enemies of superior stars through out all his career, plus mega man DOES have the necessary weapons to take Astro boy, like the Jewel satellite and the chill spike, I bet if they choose his best weapons rather than the most well known like they should of, then he would kick Astros cyber A$$, bottom line the blue bomber should have won.

It was so unfair, even if Astro had better base stats like speed and strength, mega man has fought powerful beings all the time, and has the required tools to take Astro boy down for good, screw that battle, Mega man would school his cyber A$$ up

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58 Cloud vs Shulk

Number one.

59 Flash VS Quicksilver
60 Indominus Rex vs Stegoceratops

I.Rex is one hybrid that is deadly, but the other hybrid is one hell of a beast. These two genetic hybrids clash in the prehistoric world.

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