Top Ten Best Death-Doom Bands

Death-doom, sometimes written as death/doom, deathdoom or alternatively doomdeath, is an extreme subgenre of heavy metal. It combines the slow tempos and pessimistic or depressive mood of doom metal with the deep growling vocals and double kick drumming of death metal. -Wikipedia


The Top Ten

1 Anathema
2 Katatonia Katatonia Katatonia is a Swedish metal band formed in Stockholm in 1991 by Jonas Renkse and Anders Nyström. The band has released nine studio albums spanning the course of three decades, and their tenth studio album, The Fall of Hearts was released on May 20, 2016.

I love this band, I also really like their collaboration with Mikael Akerfeldt. Instant win in my book. - IronSabbathPriest

Katatonia's early work was extremely influential for death-doom. They aren't death-doom anymore of course, but they had 2 albums and 3 EPs that featured this sound. Some of which had MIKAEL ÅKERFELDT from OPETH doing harsh vocals along with Jonas Renkse's clean vocals. Amazing - ryanrimmel

3 My Dying Bride My Dying Bride My Dying Bride are an English doom metal band formed in Bradford, England in 1990. To date, My Dying Bride have released twelve full-length studio albums, three EPs, one demo, one box set, four compilation albums, one live album, and one live CD/DVD release.
4 Autopsy Autopsy Autopsy is a death metal band, founded in 1987 in the United States by Chris Reifert and Eric Cutler. They disbanded in 1995, but reunited in 2009.

Their first album, (Severed Survival) was one of the greatest Death Metal albums of all time, and since then, they have been an amazing Death-Doom band. - ryanrimmel

5 Disembowelment Disembowelment Disembowelment, often styled as diSEMBOWELMENT, was an Australian death/doom band that formed in November 1989 featuring Renato Gallina on guitar and vocals, and Paul Mazziotta on drums.
6 Paradise Lost Paradise Lost Paradise Lost are a gothic metal band that formed in 1988 in Halifax, England and are considered by some to be one of the pioneers of the death/doom genre and of the gothic metal genre.
7 Draconian Draconian

Early Draconian was very influential Death-Doom. They are great - ryanrimmel

8 Swallow The Sun Swallow The Sun Swallow the Sun is a Finnish melodic death/doom metal band. They have a melodic, atmospheric doom metal sound. V 1 Comment
9 Saturnus Saturnus Saturnus is a band from Denmark formed in 1991 playing melodic death/doom metal, with touches of gothic metal.

They deserve to be in top 5s. The best melo-death/doom band in my opinion!

10 October Tide

The Contenders

11 Winter Winter
12 Asphyx Asphyx
13 Sempiternal Deathreign
14 Funeral
15 Novembers Doom
16 Unholy
17 Incantation
18 Coffins Coffins Coffins is a Death/Doom Metal band from Tokyo/Kanto, Japan, which was formed in 1996 and is currently signed to Relapse Records. They released 4 full-length albums, 3 EPs and several split-albums so far, but are still little known in the metal community. more.
19 Hooded Menace Hooded Menace
20 Cianide Cianide
21 Sentenced
22 Transgressor Transgressor Transgressor is a Death/Doom metal band from Tokyo, Japan, which was formed in 1989 and split up in 2002. They released only 1 full-length, 1 EP and 1 split-album, before their break-up, but still their only LP "Ether for Scapegoat" is considered as a metal classic in the death metal underground scene. more.
23 Funebrarum Funebrarum
24 Rippikoulu Rippikoulu
25 Dead Congregation Dead Congregation
26 Obliteration Obliteration
27 Evoken Evoken Evoken is an American funeral doom metal band from Lyndhurst, New Jersey, that is influenced by the Australian band Disembowelment and the Finnish band Thergothon.
28 Disciples Of Mockery
29 Goatlord
30 Runemagick
31 Moondark Moondark
32 Ataraxie
33 Morgion
34 Nailed To Obscurity
35 Rapture
36 Lacrimas Profundere
37 Disentomb Disentomb Disentomb are an Australian death metal band from Brisbane. They were founded soon after the disestablishment of Brisbane death metal act Cadaverine by three of its five members: Jordan Phillip, Henri Sison and Jake Wilkes formed Disentomb, together with bassist Tom Joice.
38 Father Befouled

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1. Disembowelment
2. Katatonia
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1. Anathema
2. My Dying Bride
3. Paradise Lost
1. Katatonia
2. Autopsy
3. My Dying Bride


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