Top 10 Death Metal Albums of 1990

just like 1991, 1990 was a great year for Death Metal, and not just Death Metal but a great year for music in general.

The Top Ten

1 Left Hand Path - Entombed

Easily one of the best Death Metal albums ever made. - christangrant

2 Cause of Death - Obituary

Another Death Metal masterpiece, this is Obituary's Magnum Opus. - christangrant

3 Harmony Corruption - Napalm Death

This is Napalm Death's most Death Metallike album and it's one of their best albums, it has that 90's Death Metal sound to it and it's musically more Death Metal than Grindcore - christangrant

4 Master - Master

This is Thrashy Death Metal album but it is Master's best album. - christangrant

5 Syzygial Miscreancy - Hellwitch

Pretty good techy Death Metal album. - christangrant

6 Deicide - Deicide

Contains several of their best songs the most noteworthy being Dead by Dawn. - christangrant

7 Dark Recollections - Carnage

This is the only this band ever released - christangrant

8 Swallowed In Black - Sadus

Bassist Steve DiGiorgio's primary band. One of the best metal bassists ever but unfortunately this band never became a major metal band - Metal_Treasure

This is Thrashy Death Metal - christangrant

9 Spiritual Healing - Death

It maybe Death's weakest album but it's still a pretty good album - christangrant

10 Eaten Back to Life - Cannibal Corpse

Cannibal Corpse's first offering I mean it's obviously not their best but it's their first album and they later improved from it, it's still a good album though. - christangrant

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