Top 10 Death Metal Albums of 1992


The Top Ten

1 Tomb of the Mutilated - Cannibal Corpse

Yes this is a obvious number 1, but can you really blame me, I mean I don't think it's the best Death Metal album ever or even best from Cannibal Corpse, but this is their 2nd best album contain several of their most well known songs mainly Hammer Smashed Face and I C Blood, - christangrant

2 The End Complete - Obituary

Obituary's 3rd album while not as good as the previous 2 was still a great album. The title track is an awesome song. - christangrant

3 Legion - Deicide

I think it's the best deicide album
many chaotic riffs and true evil vocals

Pretty good album from Deicide I don't think it's better than the first one, but still a good offering - christangrant

4 The Red in the Sky is Ours - At the Gates

This At the Gate's debut album and this is before they switched to a Melodeath sound, it's a very good album - christangrant

5 Onward to Golgotha - Incantation
6 The Ivth Crusade - Bolt Thrower
7 The Ultimate Incantation - Vader

Vader's debut album, not their best but it does contain the awesome song Decapitaed Saints which was later rerecorded. - christangrant

8 Retribution - Malevolent Creation
9 Soul of a New Machine - Fear Factory

This is Fear Factory's first album it's the only one where they played Industrial Death Metal, they later played Industrial Groove Metal - christangrant

10 Acts of the Unspeakable - Autopsy
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