Top 10 Death Metal Albums of 1995


The Top Ten

1 Symbolic - Death

This one of the best Death Metal albums of all time, this album fixed the problems with Individual Thought Patterns and perfected the Prog Death Metal sound which sounds like Rush mixed with Death Metal. This album contains the song Crystal Mountain which is one of if not the best Death Metal song ever. - christangrant

2 De Profundis - Vader

This is one of Vader's best albums, this album improves on everything the debut did wrong and made all the songs awesome, even the bonus track cover of I Feel You by Depeche Mode is awesome. - christangrant

3 Slaughter of the Soul - At the Gates

This is At the Gates' magnum opus, it's a great Melodeath album - christangrant

4 The Gallery - Dark Tranquillity

This album improved on everything from the first album, and was a much better album. - christangrant

5 Pierced from Within - Suffocation

This is Suffocation's 2nd best album, it's not as good as Effigy but it's better than Breeding the Spawn. - christangrant

6 Once Upon the Cross - Deicide Once Upon the Cross - Deicide

Another good album from Decide, this was the last of their big 3 of the 90s starting with the self titled and ended with this album, after this they went downhill. - christangrant

7 Orchid - Opeth

This is Opeth's debut album, not their best, but they started off good and would later get better and create even better albums. - christangrant

8 Domination - Morbid Angel Domination - Morbid Angel

This is the last Morbid Angel album with David Vincent (before he later rejoined the band but then leave again) and it is a good album from Morbid Angel. - christangrant

9 Haunted - Six Feet Under

Not many people like Six Feet Under and I can understand why, but I think most will agree their first album isn't so bad, this was before they switched to a Death N Roll sound and sounded like a cross between Obituary and Chris Barnes Era Cannibal Corpse because Chris Barnes does vocals and Allen West does the guitars. - christangrant

10 Heavy as a Really Heavy Thing - Strapping Young Lad

Strapping Young Lad plays Death/Thrash Metal with Industrial Influences, this is their first album which isn't their best but they later improved, the song S.Y.L. is awesome. - christangrant

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