Top 10 Death Metal Albums of 2017

2017 was a good year for Death Metal, many big name bands made albums this year.

The Top Ten

1 Dark Age - Vader

It's a rerecord of their first album but they made it heavier and more brutal and I would say it's even better than the original album. - christangrant

2 Codex Omega - Septicflesh

I haven't heard this album yet but I've heard it's pretty good Symphonic Death Metal I'll give it a listen soon. - christangrant

It's an excellent album for me. - Metal_Treasure

3 Urn - Ne Obliviscaris

This isn't 100% Death Metal but I include it because it has some characteristics of Death Metal and it's a pretty good album. It's Extreme Metal mixed with Progressive Metal - christangrant

For me they are Progressive Death Metal but there are other opinions, such as Extreme Progressive Metal. But Extreme Progressive Metal is progressive metal with harsh vox and when the harsh vox are death growls it sounds like Progressive Death Metal... I mean, what's the difference in this case? Unlike Meshuggah, Ne Obliviscaris have growls and not just unclean screamed vox. So both terms (subgenres) can be applied to Ne Obliviscaris.
Before I forget: this is a unique album. I love it. - Metal_Treasure

4 Obituary - Obituary

The Floridian Death Metal legends made a great album, id say this is the best album they made since The End Complete - christangrant

5 Red Before Black - Cannibal Corpse

Nice to see CC still making good albums even in 2017. Still making brutal (and kinda funny) song titles like Heads Shoveled Off which is my favorite from this album. - christangrant

6 ...Of the Dark Light - Suffocation

Good album from Suffocation - christangrant

7 Will to Power - Arch Enemy

That was very good - Metal_Treasure

8 Atonement - Immolation

Immolation still makes very good albums and this one is one of them - christangrant

9 Nightbringers - The Black Dahlia Murder

Heard this album was pretty good - christangrant

10 Kingdoms Disdained - Morbid Angel

Solid offering from Morbid Angel, thank god this album was good, because the last album was terrible (Illuid Diviinum Insansus) and probably the worst album by a Death Metal band. - christangrant

The Contenders

11 Profane Nexus - Incantation

This is the first Album that Incantation has released through Relapse since their album from 2000. - christangrant

12 Unparalleled Universe - Origin
13 Relentless Mutation - Archspire
14 Ruins of Empires - Aeternam
15 Wrong One to F*** With - Dying Fetus
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