Best Death Metal Band Face Offs

The Top Ten

1 Death vs Opeth

Hella tough to decide because both of 'em are my favorites but I'm gonna be rooting for Opeth this time around.

Opeth. - Userguy44

2 Nile vs Suffocation
3 Cryptopsy vs Cannibal Corpse

Cryptopsy. - Metal_Treasure

4 Children of Bodom vs Arch Enemy
5 Amon Amarth vs Insomnium
6 Morbid Angel vs Death
7 Deicide vs Obituary
8 Vader vs Cannibal Corpse
9 Brain Drill vs The Faceless
10 Dying Fetus vs Origin

The Contenders

11 Necrophagist vs Obscura
12 Possessed vs Death
13 Children of Bodom vs Obscura
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