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21 John Tardy - Obituary

One of the most unique growls ever he doesn't sound like everyone else

Haha legends in number 18 yet suicide silence at number 1?...

The Voice of Death Metal!

22 Dani Filth - Cradle of Filth Dani Filth - Cradle of Filth

He has a demonic vampire like screeching voice. - jonty

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23 Mikael Akerfeldt - Opeth Mikael Akerfeldt - Opeth Lars Mikael Åkerfeldt is a Swedish musician, prominently known as the lead vocalist, guitarist, and primary songwriter of progressive death metal band Opeth, as well as being the former vocalist of death metal supergroup Bloodbath for three albums up until 2012. more.

His performance in bloodbath was better. check out the album reserection through carnage if you want to experiance the greatest death metal vocals I've ever heard.

24 Pekka Kokko - Kalmah

Has a great vocal range, from high pitch screams like in swamplord to the low brutal growls in the Black Waltz.

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25 Kyo - Dir en grey Kyo - Dir en grey Kyo is a Japanese musician, poet and singer-songwriter. He is best known as the vocalist of the metal band Dir en grey. He has been with the band since its inception in 1997 and was formerly in La:Sadie's.

I am not the only person who should have voted for kyo. He should at least be number 4 or 3 on this list. He is an amazing vocalist, and the reason why he and his band is not known by many is because their Japanese. But kyo is definitely one hell of a vocalist, he can go to low gutteral growls to high ear piercing shrieks and then he can sing with a voice so heavenly and clean. His singing range is extremely high. Kyo is one of the most diverse metal vocalists of this generation, and he needs to be voted much higher.

Such an underrated singer. He deserves to be at least in the top 10

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26 Travis Ryan - Cattle Decapitation Travis Ryan - Cattle Decapitation Travis Ryan Collins, who goes by the stage name Travis Ryan, is an American musician known for being the vocalist of the Deathgrind band Cattle Decapitation.

This dude just has such a variety of crazy sounds. Very original and can pull off some very impressive low gutterals and demonic screams.

27 Sean Beasley - Dying Fetus

that particular song has awesome guitar as well as awesome vocals (beasley is the bald one)

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28 Frank Mullen - Suffocation Frank Mullen - Suffocation Frank Mullen, is the vocalist of the American death metal band Suffocation, and met band mates Terrance Hobbs and Mike Smith in high school.
29 Dickie Allen - Infant Annihilator

10/10 most unique vocal range in pure deathcore in my opinion. You can tell in the vocal covers he's put out that his vocals are hardly processed and his lows, highs, gutturals are all natural. The sounds this guy can make are inhuman though really. His lyrics are actually well thought out as well, still gory and disgusting as hell, but well put together. If you haven't check out the new Infant Annihilator album, I suggest you do that now!

I wanted to vote for Alex Shikolai but I can't see him on the list, so here goes Dickie Allen. This guy is a bit like Travis Ryan but less on very deep guttural vocals and more on disturbing, disgusting and brutal death growls that will scare each and every non-deathmetaller. He has a sound which is like Dan Watson (the previous vocalist of Infant Annihilator) but he sounds less insane. The insanity of the voice of Dan has been replaced by the most disgusting voice ever. Listen to him singing "NEW BORN PORN" in the song Soil the Stillborn and you will know what I mean. He brings a kind of putrid aura to the band's sound.

HOW IS HE SO LOW IN THIS LIST? He has the best high's I've ever heard.

30 Max Cavalera - Sepultura / Soulfly Max Cavalera - Sepultura / Soulfly Massimiliano Antonio "Max" Cavalera is a Brazillian singer, guitarist, and songwriter who currently plays in heavy metal bands Soulfly, Cavalera Conspiracy, and Killer Be Killed.

max is the best man, listen to the song arise and beneath the remains by sepultura and you might change your mind.

31 Chris Fronzak - Attila

Terrible band and terrible lyrics but seriously a great vocalist, Wastes his own potential because he could be at the top if he wanted to be

He's one of the vocalist I can hear forever and ever. He's one of the few who do nasals screams and can rap and scream fast at the same time.

32 Scott Lewis - Carnifex Scott Lewis - Carnifex

His highs and lows are perfection. Caught between Chelsea Grin and Carnifex for#1 death core vocals

This dude is the boss, the lowest lows I've ever heard, and his highs aren't too bad either.

He sounds definitely beats johnny davy sorry I love johnny but scotts just better

As other commenters have said, Scott has some of the best lows ever - he surpasses all other deathcore vocalists (even Phil Bozeman), and can even compare to pure death metal growlers like Travis Ryan and Corpsegrinder. His highs have gotten progressively better, they were great on the first album and got even better every album after that. Back on the first two albums, he did very impressive pig squeals, which I know a lot of elitists don't like pig squeals… well, guess what? I don't care. Pig squealing is awesome. Scott's lyrics always prove to be powerful, angry, and emotional. He's pure rage when he screams, and all aggression when he growls. His voice matches his lyrics, too. Maybe he's not the absolute best on this list, but definitely deserving of a spot in the top 5. - ThatStrangeKid42

33 Muhammed Suçimez - Necrophagist

This master of guitar technicality is also so brutal with his guttural growls! The song Stabwound and Only Ash Remains show the power of his voice.

34 Orion Stephens - In Dying Arms

First album was redolent of that 2006 The Devil Wears Prada era many are surely so familiar with. However their second album was absolutely crazy, most insane highs (that sound like AK Grin) and badass lows to boot. Solid band, amazing vocalist.

Best vocalist of all time I swear

His screams are so evil, I love it.

35 Alex Camargo - Krisiun
36 Adam Warren - Oceano

The fact that all of his pig-squeals are exhale make him an amazing vocalist! That and his highs are unmatched by anyone else.

If you've ever seen this guy live you know why 37th place is not a good spot for him...

37 Luke Griffin - Acrania (UK)

100% exhales, and does nearly every type of vocal style possible
. he's beyond underrated

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38 Ricky Hoover - Suffokate
39 Tomas Lindberg - At The Gates / The Crown / Lock Up

Great great Singer and has proven for many years and in different Bands and styles.

40 Varjoherra - Azaghal
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