Matsuda may be an idiot, but ge's a likeable one and a funny one, he even had an episode named after him, not to mention he stopped light from killing someone with a piece of the death note paper in his watch by shooting him.

I kinda dislike how everyone seemed to use him, and is always thought to be useless and idiotic. He only really comes in useful at a few times in the anime, but I still love his naivety! Yay Matsuda!

For those who think Matsuda doesn't seem to be the best character for this list allow me to ask you a question: Who was the guy in the last episode who shot up light and probably saved everyone's life in the warehouse and basically finished off Light? The same dude who DESERVES number one on this list,that's who.

He was my favourite character right from the beginning because he was funny, cute and kind of cheered the whole thing up. All the other characters are so serious. And with the whole yotsuba thing, and giving Light what he deserved, he proved himself strong.

He's so funny! And his a bad ass in the end

Task Force Cheerleader and genius

This guy is awesome in the last episode when light was gunna right NATE (AWESOME) RIVERS name he just SHOT it made me shout in happiness



Matsuda was an idiot.but I finally liked him in the last episode

I feel like the characters in the anime really underappreciate him when he was actually one of the 7 to work to find Kira and stop him. I admired him for his personality to joke around when times grew dark, but of course he got scolded. :3 Poor Matsuda when he found out that Light's sister wasn't into him haha..
But one thing that struck me and made me almost cry was when he shot Light himself, he was trembling at the thought of him being Kira, and I felt horribly for him. He trusted Light, and then he found out that his own comrade was the victim of the case. I am proud of Matsuda and glad he lived.

MATSUDA! I love him, I found him so funny and awesome. Even if he was a bit of an idiot, he was sweet. Puls he shot Light several times and atopped him from killing anyone else! <3 Matsuda!