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Mihael Keehl, universally referred to by the mononym Mello, is a fictional character in the manga series Death Note, created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.


Mello's overall character is so well put together. Unlike near, he showed that he admired L and also wasn't afraid to put plans into action rather than sit back and wait for something to happen. Dude, best character, he should be higher on the list definitely

L had been my favorite character... Until I got to the second arc. While the second arc was lacking compared to the first, I think Mello made things even more epic. Not to mention, he's a badass chocoholic, and his scar added to his baddassery.

I love Mello so much I don't know where to start! Thanks to everyone here who voted for him! Did you know that he was supposed to win in the end and be first ONCE in his life? So sad when he died. :( (I HATE TAKADA)

Mello is awesome! He's such an complex character, I love him! I actually kinda wanted Mello to kill Light instead of Near!

Why wouldn't I vote for Willy Wonka's child?

I absolutely love Mello! I don't know BIG he managed to get cozy in my heart, he'll always be my favorite character!

I like near but Mello is the best. And I would also choose Matt if he didn't only show for a minute in total

He's so cool and the best friend of Near. I seriously love him.

Mello has always been one of my favorites! I mean he's Mello!


Mello is just like Armin, but with differences in their badassery level and personality. Mello's rude outside, nice inside. Armin's nice outside, don't ask about his inside...

Badassery level: 99.9%. Motorcycles, mafia, leather clothes, guns...and of course, chocolate. (have a snickers, man.) Hotness level:...words can't describe, wait a sec...(runs to a quiet place and screams for 30 minutes)

And the part where he died made me mentally punch the T.V. and cry under my covers. Why did they kill off the badass good guys?!

Bravo, man. One of the best characters ever in my anime world.

Mello really should of beaten near it's a shame they killed him because he can feel proving he's a real person unlike some characters cough near cough we know of. Further more who doesn't like his fashion sense and when Matt dies he's is SORRY or when L dies he goes crazy. Where as near just calls L a loser because he didn't find Kira

Hello Chara, what are you doing in anime?

Mello is the best. Chocolate. Hyuk hyuk

You I think if Mello had the change Near and the SPK would of died instead because Mello killed the but that's why he's my favorite

Introducing Prince Zuko's androgynously sexy alternate...and an utter genius.

I love how intelligent Mello is, but it's entertaining to see how his emotions get in the way. Also... CHOCOLATE! ❤

Mello is awesome, he had so much respect for L, he challanged Near into cathcing Kira and took a really different apporach by joining a mafia. He's pretty hot too. He looks like a male model in his dark leather outfits
And he's addicted to chocolate!