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1 Lawliet (L)

He just had 20 episodes and won full series most loved character.
At first I was fan of Light but when see L, I was like he is an awesome and intelligent.
Before L arrived my sitting position was normal after I understood him, my sitting position drastically changed.

Death Note made two of the greatest characters in the history of anime but you and I clearly know that L stands out among those two. The other one I'm talking about is obviously Light Yagami. L is so lovable as a character. Everything he ever says or does is so unlike any other character of person. He's himself. He's so awesome. He deducts cases what otherwise a general sleuth would take a year to solve in just a week. He's also the mastermind when it comes to observation. And he's got amazing psychological knowledge although he's not very social. If there's any creation that can stand up to Sherlock Holmes for the 'Best Fictional Sleuth', its most definitely gonna be L. The series got a little messed up when L died though.. I wish he lived on and solved the case himself. Anyways, even in the span of 20 episodes, L got to be number 1 on this list and that's satisfactory. He's deserving of it anyway. And yeah, you can't spell the words love or life without L and without L, the world is ...more

L is quite simply the best character in Death Note. He's definitely the most likeable character in Death Note. He always manages to outsmart Light without anyone else at his disposal (unlike Light, L does not have a Shinigame following him all the time). The very first time we saw L was when he cleverly made a fool out of Light by finding out where Kira could possibly be. Gradually, he finds out how Kira must know the name and the face of the person to be killed and all the secrets of the Death Note without even realizing what he was dealing with. Simply put, L is the best that there is. Peace.

who would pick Light over this sweetheart. Will always be the best chararcter. I was a fan of Light then I saw L and I was like YESS OMG! he's super intelligent and a very lovble character over all. After I wached death ote my sitting pose dramaticlly changed lol

2 Light Yagami Light Yagami is a fictional character and the protagonist of the manga series Death Note, created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.

A very flawed character, he is a villain but the heart of the show. Death Note is not what it is if not for him. You live with him on the journey from a supposed hero to anti-hero to the full-fledged, cold-hearted villain. That very final scene where he walks the street in the sunset bleeding to his death, and sees the mirage of the good-hearted and bright-minded boy from all those years ago walking to his home from the school, I couldn't take it anymore. It may not be the idea you agree on what he plants on his mind, but the downfall of such a young person to that path is what wrenches your gut.

Light was my favorite character at the start of the show. Then as he developed from a boy with with an independant idea of justice... to a god complex blood thirsty villain... he fell a little lower on my list but I still can't help but love him. Death Note wouldn't be Death Note without him.

They say a show is only as good as its villain. So it should be no surprise that Death Note is so popular. Light's development throughout the story carries the show - watching his transformation from an innocent high-school student to a ruthless mass-murderer with a god-complex is fascinating in itself. What makes Death Note so good is not only Light's clever interactions with L, but the questions that it asks: what would you do? Light's answer may not be the correct one, but it shows a possibility that people may have actually chosen. It's a slippery slope and watching Light's fall is like watching a car-crash in slow motion: impossible to look away from.

He should be at the top of this list, especially since he's my favorite character in the series due to my agreement with him. All of his haters really piss me off they see him only as a bad guy. And that's worse than pathetic.

But I see Light as an anti-hero and L as an anti-villain. Therefore, I'd like to see Light use the Death Note on all of his haters, especially since they're self-righteous and hypocritical goody-two-shoes who see him in black and white while I see him gray.

3 Ryuk Ryuk is a fictional character in the manga series Death Note, created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.

It was obvious that L and light would be voted as the top two (in that order). They are both beyond genius making them very appealing characters. Add to that L's eccentricities (his childish mannerisms are very endearing) and it's a done deal. I must admit that when I watched this series for the first time nearly ten years ago, L was my favourite character as well.

I didn't give much thought to Ryuk. He looked cool, he was kind of funny and along with Matsuda provided the comic relief. He provided the initial exposition to get the story going but other than that he was just kind of there.

Well, I'm ten years older and I watched the series again. Blake's Songs of Innocence and of Experience come to mind. This time my perspective is different. L and Light still have their qualities. They are still great. But Ryuk... he's the best.

He wasn't "just kind of there", he was the true Shinigami. Everything that Light could never hope to be. Light may have been clever, but ...more

Ryuk lightened up the show in a big way. Sure Ryuk on Team Kira who is responsible for using the Death Note to kill people. But what dark anime can’t have a bored, wise-cracking, comedic and loyal Shinigame who loves to apple as a sidekick. Besides no anime is complete without a sense of humour.

Nobody would have imagined Death gods can be this funny. Only few would understand the dark and cunning side of this happy go feet!
-Supreeth Kumar

He's so funny. Plus he's responsible for what happens in the show. All of it. Yeah go Ryuk my man.

4 Touta Matsuda Touta Matsuda is a fictional character in the manga series Death Note, created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.

He supported everyone through the whole show. He always had faith when the others were ready to give up. He is such a wholesome character, and an essential part of the show.

I was rooting for him since episode 1 but felt certain that he would die a heartbreaking death that would make me ball my eyes out. This show is incredible.

He’s like the softest character, he’s so determined and sweet and funny and so underrated :((( love him ! I liked him from the beginning and he deserves all the love and appreciation :)

Matsuda is an extremely funny character! I don't understand why the others think he is annoying, he sacrificed himself many times, even though he knew he could die. Love ya Matsuda!

5 Naomi Misora Naomi Misora is a fictional character in the manga series Death Note, created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.

Why would ANYONE choose Misa Amane over this awesome girl? She's the smartest Death Note female character, and is one of the smartest overall as well.
The author has stated that she only died so soon because she is too smart and she figured out Kira's case faster than he had expected
She's not only smart but is also really kind-hearted and caring. But I don't like how most shonen handles female characters. In battle shonen, females are reduced to housewives right after they got married and never foight since, whilst in Death Note, Naomi immediately stopped being a FBI agent to become a housewife after SHE was engaged. What?

She was a badass. As the series progressed, Penber became my favorite, then after he died it was instantly Naomi. I was very sad when she died.

The best female character from Death Note. I just hope that Death Note Another Note gets an anime adaptation. Naomi is my second favorite character from Death Note. I just don't understand why she is below Misa.

My second favourite in the series after L. It's sad that she died so soon! Can't believe people actually voted for MISA instead of her.

6 Mihael Keehl (Mello)

Mello is the most relatable Wammy kid. He's irritable, impulsive, aggressive and extremely take-charge. I relate most to him as a person.

Mello is a freakin' sexy badass! Literally everything about this guy stands out, being intelligent, ruthless, badass, and looking amazing, coming from a straight guy! I like Near too, but Mello has everything agianst him to be better

Badass, hot, gay- bruh how can you not love him LMAOOO he’s great ! Honestly, Mello’s one of my absolute favourite death note characters, and I wish he got even more screentime. He was much better than Near, too, so freakin smart and awesome and I just love him lol

Mello is the drive for the force behind Near's assumptions. The brotherly rivalry the two share is a smooth dynamic that transitions into more of a hatred on Mello's part while it remains a brotherly rivalry to Near. Also he's extremely badass.

7 Soichiro Yagami

He sure did represent a typical Japanese father and task force officer. The character was well developed.

The only truly morally good character...

Most underrated anime character ever.

A risk-taker. He was great.

8 Nate River (Near)

Honestly, I think Near is under rated. Yes, I do love L as well. However, Near had everything L had, and what he didn't. ANd something about how he is always calm and collected... I don't know it just gets me. And he is younger than Light and still manages to beat him at his own game. If that combined with the white hair and collected attitude aren't badass I don't know what is.

My favorite character. I was a total L fanatic, but then we we're introduced to this antisocial, dependent, emotionally controlled childish detective. I was rooting for him the whole way. He is undoubtedly not only my favorite Death Note character, but my favorite anime character of all time, I don't understand why people hate him so much, but I have a tendency to have the most hated character in any anime be my favorite (cough cough, Minoru Mineta, cough)

I know L dies. I know that Near called L a loser in what was his first line in the entire anime. But if we use the weird Mello and Near are the 2 halves of L, only Mello is replaceable. Sure Mello have the guts to arrest a defenseless news anchor and defenseless young woman, which I'm sure is an impossible feat ( ;) ) but Near could just as easily hire someone to do it for him. L ultimately dies and loses (He does lose because he trusts Light) because of his trust and lapse of judgement. Near, however, gets the job done. Near is the only surviving L. Matsuda may have pulled the trigger to injure Light, but Near's the one to put him in that position. If all the L fans stop crying and face the music that L made a fatal mistake, they would all admire Near like he deserves.

Near is one of my favorite characters. Why is every one hating on Near? Yes, he ISN'T L and isn't ever going to be as good as L. He can be over confident at times but still is a pretty important character. He did watch many of his comrades get killed, throw money out to the public, and 'barely do anything'. What the heck are you supposed to do when people are smashing doors to come kill you, jump out the gosh damn window and just hope that you'll survive by landing on top of people? His personality is the type that isn't very open to anyone or anything. You can even call him a kid. Of course all he did was take what he learned from Mello, the notebook, and other resources and put the puzzle together.
I get how you all hate him because he did accomplish the Kira mystery instead of Lawliet. His character isn't what you would expect, a 17 year old who hugs his knees while playing with dice, blocks, action figures, or toys on the floor while at the same time trying to figure out a case ...more

9 Misa Amane Misa Amane is a fictional character in the manga series Death Note, created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.

I can't say that I like Misa Amane that much but I have to say this. She was blinded by love and she wanted to get revenge. Honestly, she is stupid! But I feel sorry for her. She is a better character than Light. But I gave my vote to L. He deserves it.

She was annoying at times but I don't blame her, she can't help but be a yonder x3

Why is this annoying brat in the list?

Nah, she was annoying and fell for Light too easily. She's cute, but that's it.

10 Rem Rem is a fictional character in the manga series Death Note, created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.

The saddest storyline of all. The character who had true love in her heart or shinagami-core if she has no heart, who would do anything to protect someone who she had been watching for a long time and who a friend from the shinagami-realm gave up his life for to protect. And in the end, the one she protects is unprotected without her and is used again and again by Light. Rem forever

This Shinigami had to be kinda stupid like the one that died saving Most. I really hate her. I really do hate her for killing Qatari and L. Oh! How I wish she would not have brought another death note into the world. L would've surely beaten Light then. Dawn it. Ryuk was much much better following the typical life of a Shinigami and it's behaviour. Shinigami are not existent to love humans. Yet, Rem...

Her decision was pretty brave, honestly.

For her love for misa and sacrifice

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11 Quillsh Wammy (Watari)

He is a good character. Is he blind or something cause I have, for once, never seen his eyes!

Watari is badass grandma! Like, who else can snipe from a helicopter!

He was like Alfred.

omg watari is so hot

12 Stephen Gevanni

Deserved more screen time. He was the most useful person on the SPK.

He was a badass! enough said��"give this dude some credit! If not for him, evidence of Teru Mikami being the X-Kira wouldn't be there and everyone could've died.

13 Shuichi Aizawa

He was the reason why N got to know about Light.

I like this man he is my favorite charac too

Go common man!

It’s probably a sign of being a good detective that he started suspecting Light

14 Mary Kenwood (Wedy)

A professional burglar in the employ of L

15 Mail Jeevas (Matt)

Matt. Now, he only had about three minutes of screentime, but his loyalty to Mello and his dry wit, and even his cleverness, push him to second place for me. What a king, he deserved better.

Look I know that he only had like two lines but he was so badass that I can’t not love him, you know? Apparently he had great fashion taste, too. I’m kinda sad that he died :(((

definition of hottie with a body

16 Beyond Birthday

I have watched Death Note and I have yet to meet this guy that or he is not important

Please review the list..
There is no one by this name..

I don't see him but I like him style

He's not a real character..

17 Kanzo Mogi

I like the part where Mogi spoke like a lively official manager of Misa Amane.

I thought it was Matsuda who was the 'manager'

18 Sayu Yagami

I, David Rivera like Sayu Yagami because she's my friend and my character. I, David Rivera taught Sayu Yagami to stay away from Light Yagami and not to trust Light Yagami who is Sayu Yagami's older brother and Light Yagami is evil and Kira and Light Yagami is not one of us because Light Yagami betrayed his family, the Japanese task force, Takada, Mikami, Misa and the world because he was blinded by his own greed and lust for power and therefore Light Yagami is helpless to defy his fate.

The main reason she is underrated is because she doesn't receive much screen time. In my oppinion, if Misa had Sayu's personality I would actually like her as a character.

Sayu is so underrated because of how much screening time she gets. But Sayu is very cute and needs more attention and screening time!

Light's kindhearted younger sister

19 Halle Lidner

She's BADASS. CIA agent, part-time detective, one of the top officers of the SPK! Dayum, lady!

...but uhh...I didn't really like the part where some other blond girl barged right into her room and she still wasn't ashamed of what she's doing (cover yourself, woman! ).

Halle is a former CIA agent who leaks information to Mello so Kira will get caught

20 Teru Mikami Teru Mikami is a fictional character in the manga series Death Note, created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.

He is such a loyal and faithful person in character. I hate the part where he calls Light God... But I do like the DELETE thingy

He could best character the anime series if they make another side story for mikami

Amazing character, extremely loyal, I cannot see why so many people just underappreciate him.

He is the best character I can't agree why he is on number 16

21 Kyosuke Higuchi Kyosuke Higuchi is a fictional character in the manga series Death Note, created by Tsugumi Ohba and Takeshi Obata.

Love him he's like the best boi in all anime ever he's really hot

Why the hell is he so low? He's literally Kira

22 Sachiko Yagami

Light's kindhearted mother

23 Raye Penber

He was awesome but underrated...Rip Raye Penber :C

eat your own lunch

24 Kim Taehyung

Bts is overrated and armys are cancer.

Because why not

25 Reiji Namikawa
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