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1 Episode 25 - Silence

It's just the final point when the series was the best anime I ever saw. Then I could name better.

Every part of this episode is in point.

I was crying my eyes out. The somgs are lovey and the that spoiler alert that l knew his time was coming to an end and while drying theirselfs off. A song plays while l says " it be loney wont it." TEARS!

2 Episode 37 - New World

The end of Kira, Near prevails and in a way Mello won too ( Go Mello! ) and matsuda was the one to kill light so matsu is even more awesome than before

3 Episode 7 - Overcast

The way Light Yagami thinks and adjusts to the situation is TOTALLY AWESOME! I mean one of the best episode I have ever seen! Hats Off Light!

Very well done, the tension is done masterfully

Badass at the end.

Where is episode 2? I'm shocked that it isn't on here Come on now. L is a total badass in this episode. The reason I got hooked on death note

4 Episode 2 - Confrontation

This is the episode that officially got me addicted to Death Note! L's amazing first appearance is one of the best moments in anime history!

This is the episode that started it all. Where the war between L and Kira began.

The begining of the greatest anime rivalry

5 Episode 15 - Gamble
6 Episode 29 - Father
7 Episode 36 - 1.28

Definietly the best episode of the series in my opinion. The timing on the scenes was incredible - I had to take a break upon watching this episode to calm myself down ^_^. This is the episode where Near and Light meet up in attempt to kill each other. The identity of "x-kira" and "kira" are exposed thanks to Nears genius plan. Great art and amazing sound track - the collaboration was incredible.

8 Episode 24 - Frenzy

Sorry, I made a mistake here. This episode's name is 'Revival', not 'Frenzy'. 'Frenzy' is the name of episode 23.

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9 Episode 4 - Pursue
10 Episode 11 - Assault

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11 Episode 8 - Glare

I'll take a potato chip... AND EAT IT!

The drama behind the chips was legendary

12 Episode 27 - Abduction
13 Episode 23 - Frenzy
14 Episode 3 - The Cell Episode 3 - The Cell

This wasn't even on the show. - zeroclubsboii

15 Episode 9 - Matsuda
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