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1 Episode 25 - Silence

The flashbacks at the beginning, misa's creepy ass song foreshadowing the last episode of when she dies, the rooftop scene with L and Light where he knows that light, is in fact the real Kira, but accepts his fate, then the scene where he washes lights feet treating him like god. He says It'll be lonely won't it? You and I will be parting ways soon. Then of course, Ls death, perfect episode.

I was crying my eyes out. The somgs are lovey and the that spoiler alert that l knew his time was coming to an end and while drying theirselfs off. A song plays while l says " it be loney wont it." TEARS!

It's just the final point when the series was the best anime I ever saw. Then I could name better.

Perfect. Haunting, chilling and melancholic at the same time

2 Episode 7 - Overcast

Light writes the name Shoko Maki on the Death Note but realizes that it is an alias, and coaxes her true name, Naomi Misora by pretending to work for L. As the Death Note takes effect, Light informs her that he is Kira and watches as Naomi walks away to commit suicide. Meanwhile, Watari gives the detectives special gadgets in the event Kira comes into contact with them.

Where is episode 2? I'm shocked that it isn't on here Come on now. L is a total badass in this episode. The reason I got hooked on death note

Very well done, the tension is done masterfully

The way Light leads Naomi Misora to death is very realistic and superb.

3 Episode 24 - Revival

Higuchi is arrested on grounds of being Kira. Inspecting Higuchi's Death Note, L discovers that shinigami do exist. Light then kills Higuchi. It is revealed that when Light gave away his Death Note, he added a fake rule stating that its owner must continue to use it at least once every 13 days or perish. Misa makes a second deal with Ryuk for the shinigami eyes in order to find out L's true identity.

Heck Yes had me on the edge of my seat the whole time

Sorry, I made a mistake here. This episode's name is 'Revival', not 'Frenzy'. 'Frenzy' is the name of episode 23.

4 Episode 2 - Confrontation

As criminals begin dying from inexplicable heart attacks, Interpol turns to the world's top detective, L seeks the killer whom the public has been calling Kira, and tricks Light into revealing that Kira lives in Japan's Kanto region with a television broadcast. An enraged Light swears to eliminate L.

This is the episode that officially got me addicted to Death Note! L's amazing first appearance is one of the best moments in anime history!

This is the episode that started it all. Where the war between L and Kira began.

The begining of the greatest anime rivalry

5 Episode 15 - Wager

Light and L meet each other outside college. Much to the frustration of Light, Misa appears. Light receives the news from L that she has been arrested as the second Kira. Misa relinquishes ownership of her Death Note, thus erasing her memories of its existence.

6 Episode 37 - New World

The Death Note fails to work and Near reveals that he knew about the fake notebook and actually tampered with the real one. Cornered with Near's undeniable evidence, Light maniacally confesses that he is Kira. He attempts to write names on a hidden piece of the Death Note, but Matsuda shoots him down and Mikami kills himself. As promised, Ryuk writes down Light's name and kills him.

The end of Kira, Near prevails and in a way Mello won too ( Go Mello! ) and matsuda was the one to kill light so matsu is even more awesome than before

7 Episode 36 - 1.28

Light and Near finally meet in an abandoned warehouse. Light brings out Mikami to have him write the names of everyone but Light on his Death Note. Meanwhile, Near is confident that the notebook is fake, having tampered with them. All they need to do now is check whose name was not written to find out who the real Kira is. Light already knew of Near's actions and had Takada keep the real Death Note while switching Mikami's with a false one.

Definietly the best episode of the series in my opinion. The timing on the scenes was incredible - I had to take a break upon watching this episode to calm myself down ^_^. This is the episode where Near and Light meet up in attempt to kill each other. The identity of "x-kira" and "kira" are exposed thanks to Nears genius plan. Great art and amazing sound track - the collaboration was incredible.

8 Episode 11 - Assault

TV is broadcasting an audio tape allegedly from Kira. Hirokazu Ukita rushes to Sakura TV but mysteriously dies. The investigation team realizes that Kira no longer needs to know the person's name to kill. Light involves himself in the Kira investigation to gather intelligence on L and the second Kira, who he infers has already accepted the shinigami eye deal. Meanwhile, L suspects that the person behind the broadcast must be a different Kira from the one they are chasing. Misa Amane is seen discussing her admiration for Kira with a shinigami named Rem.

I really love this one, its epic and intense

9 Episode 4 - Pursuit

Light begins experimenting to find out how much control he has over how a criminal dies, and learns that the Death Note is not all powerful. Light devises a plan to find out who has been following him. Light makes a drug dealer hijack a bus and gets his tracker to reveal that he is employed by L.

10 Episode 23 - Frenzy

Higuchi talks with Rem about his situation. L, Light and Misa wonder who he is talking to. Higuchi enters the station's offices and writes Matsuda's fake name in his Death Note. Higuchi then makes the deal with Rem to obtain shinigami eyes. A furious pursuit ensues when L realizes Higuchi can kill after looking at a person's face.

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11 Episode 8 - Glare

Let's be honest.
It's the Potato Chip episode.

The drama behind the chips was legendary

I'll take a potato chip... AND EAT IT!

12 Episode 29 - Father
13 Episode 9 - Encounter

L still suspects that Light may be Kira and decides to meet him in person. At the college entrance exams, Light notices a mysterious student, L. Since it would be too suspicious for L to die right after meeting Light, he decides to befriend L, gather more information about his true identity, and kill him at a later time.

14 Episode 13 - Confession
15 Episode 12 - Love
16 Episode 27 - Abduction

I always felt this is the most underrated episode. I mean, I think we can all agree the last third of Death Note was overall the weakest, but that wasn't always the case, because the start of it, I'd say is even better than any of the other arcs combined! Mello's character is introduced here and he gives off the best vibes I've ever felt since Shinkawa Kyouji in SAO2

Mello and Near first introduced :D

17 Episode 3 - Dealings

This wasn't even on the show.

18 Episode 5 - Tactics
19 Episode 16 - Decision
20 Episode 14 - Friend
21 Episode 6 - Unraveling
22 Episode 22 - Guidance
23 Episode 10 - Doubt
24 Episode 17 - Execution
25 Episode 35 - Malice
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