Best Deathcore Albums


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1 The Somatic Defilement - Whitechapel

They're best album to this day.

2 No Time to Bleed - Suicide Silence
3 Desolation of Eden - Chelsea Grin

I believe my damnation is a better album but this album is very much the definition of deathcore! With heavy breakdowns, ferociously fast and high vocals and a very evil theme makes this album a deathcore standout! - Zoran945

Perfect deathcore album never heard such an epic album in my entire life.

4 Count Your Blessings - Bring Me the Horizon

I have never heard an album sound like this one. The guitar tone is just incredible.

Best I've ever heard in deathcore genre.

It's sad that bmth doesn't have more albums like this

5 Hate - Thy Art Is Murder
6 Palpable Leprosy of Pollution - Infant Annihilator
7 Ultu Ulla - Rings of Saturn
8 Doom - Job for a Cowboy
9 The Black Crown - Suicide Silence
10 The Cleansing - Suicide Silence

The Contenders

11 Die Without Hope - Carnifex
12 Lugal Ki En - Rings of Saturn
13 Dead In My Arms - Carnifex
14 The Unconquerable Dark - Black Tongue
15 Dingir - Rings of Saturn
16 The Healing Process - Despised Icon
17 Holy War - Thy Art is Murder
18 Whitechapel - Whitechapel
19 Allegiance - As Blood Runs Black
20 The Price of Existence - All Shall Perish
21 Depths - Oceano
22 This Is Exile - Whitechapel
23 Hell Chose Me - Carnifex
24 Neverbloom - Make Them Suffer

I actually really love how this one hits hard and stays that way.

25 The Ills of Modern Man - Despised Icon
26 3750 - The Acacia Strain
27 Consumed by Your Poison - Despised Icon
28 A New Era of Corruption - Whitechapel
29 My Damnation - Chelsea Grin

I believe this album to be one of if not the best albums in deathcore. It is by far the most evil sounding. Alex's high vocals are absolutely out of this world! His lows are quite strong too. Instrumentally the album is a lot less chuggy than other albums but it's still very heavy and evil sounding. Stand out songs are; last breath, calling in silence and my damnation! However every track is great deathcore and it all flows together to make a great album. - Zoran945

30 The Serpent Servant - Impending Doom

This should be at least in the the top 5

31 Decimate the Weak - Winds of Plague
32 Exoplanet - The Contortionist
33 Embryonic Anomaly - Rings of Saturn
34 Prey for Eyes - The Red Chord
35 The Dead Walk - The Acacia Strain
36 There Will Be Violence - Impending Doom
37 Death Will Reign - Impending Doom
38 Rareform - After the Burial
39 Necrospire - I Killed Everyone
40 Dead Peasants - I Killed Everyone
41 Contagion - Oceano
42 Incisions - Oceano
43 I Declare War - I Declare War
44 Malevolence - I Declare War
45 The Diseased and the Poisoned - Carnifex
46 Akeldama - The Faceless
47 The Adversary - Thy Art Is Murder
48 Day of Mourning - Despised Icon
49 Red. White. Green. - Upon a Burning Body
50 Hellbound - Fit for an Autopsy
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