Best Deaths In Joy Ride Movies


The Top Ten

1 Crushed/impaled by Steel Nails On a Chain Net

A guy has a chain net around him and it has steel spikes on it, the trucker ( Rusty Nail ) pushes a button and the chains/ spikes impail him in a horrible death - RustyNail

2 Hands and Face Mutilated by Semi Radiator Fan

Rusty nail puts a guys hands in rustys semi radiator fan, butchering them, then shoves his face in it - RustyNail

3 Jaw Cut Off by Hand Held Chainsaw Blade

A barman tries to help a hostage in Rustys semi, rusty attacks him and using a chainsaw blade, saws his jaw off - RustyNail

4 Head Crushed by Car Jack

Rusty has a guys head on a jack in-between it and the semis trailer back bumper, pushes the Leaver down, crushes his skull - RustyNail

5 Exploding Decapitation

Rusty straps a girl to the top of his trailer and drives it with his semi, trailer attached, goes under a low bridge, decapitating her in explosive fashion - RustyNail

6 Metal Bar Through Skull

Rusty forces two hostages to play a sadistic dice game, each role causes the opposite rolling player pain, one guy roles snake eyes, and other guy gets a metal bar through the skull - RustyNail

7 Stripper Decapitated

After being denied her " Service " to rusty, she tries to leave but rusty nail locks the semis door, forcing her to go through the window, rusty closes the window and drives beside a trailer, decapitating her - RustyNail

8 Couple Gets Butchered by Truck Axel

Crack heads are chained to hood of semi and rusty " says" he will let them go if they can hold on for a mile, and they'd get a bag of crack. The chain is attached to the trucks spinning axel, they make the mile, but one gets excited about crack leaps to the windshield and both fall off truck getting twisted, ran over, and butchered - RustyNail

9 Semi Hits Flipped Cop Car With Cop Inside

A cop is trying to help young people find Killer rusty, and Rusty nail comes out of nowhere and hits the car and it explodes, killing cop - RustyNail

10 Shot to Death

Another trucker is strapped to the drivers seat in semi and sent plowing to cops, cops scared are shooting - RustyNail

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