I became stuck in the 0% interest credit card shuffle. Lost my job and the music stopped. There is great fear and insecurity surround money and especially the lack of it. My close friend is bravely fighting foreclosure. His example and online research led me settle bank debt. At this point everything better. It's a faster process than I imagined which is good.

I shopped a few other companies, however settlebankdebt's quote was the best. I liked their honesty about staying away from trust accounts and 36 months programs. Their 6-12 months program sounded better and there was no deception about my credit score being affected, but it can be repaired as he gave me some steps to repair my credit standing.

Came to find out I needed to be in arrears or past due before settlement talks begin. That was one of the handy bits of information I learned from settlebankdebt. When I'm overdue three months and the calls from the credit company come in that's when I am phoning them to begin the process.

They certainly relieved the stress I had about my debt. There were numerous instances when I was unable to sleep from worry over my seemingly impossible situation. Now I have no more debt and I sleep well every night.

I had my debt reduced and gone in six weeks with settle bank debt. They said what they'd do and did what they said. All in all turned unfortunate circumstances around - debt free now.

I phoned numerous debt settlement companies. Settlebankdebt was the clearest in how they could help, the shortest time frame of settlement and lowest payout to my debtors. Happy with the results.

Great web site. Wonderful program!

Found them online last year. Worked out well. They got me a deal to pay 28% of debt on my credit cart which had gone to a law office. Didn't think anyone could pull this off but they did.

Just phoned Settlebankdebt- thanks for the heads up.