Most Decade Defining Movies of the 2000s

The films which define the 2000s decade, the ones which will always remind us this decade and will always represent it.

The Top Ten

1 The Dark Knight

And it’s all because of Heath Ledger’s portrayal of the Joker.
Sure it has a very good story and it’s reality based but when we think of this film let’s not pretend we don’t think first of The Joker portrtrayed by heath ledger - Sa26

2 Iron Man

The film which started one of the most important franchises in cinema.
It revived Robert Downey Jr’s career as an actor and with his perfect portrayal of Tony Stark/IronMan he made This character one of The most popular superheroes. - Sa26

3 Moulin Rouge

The Film which Brought Musicals back in fashion. - Sa26

4 Shrek
5 The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King
6 Chicago

The first Musical in a long time to win The Oscar for Best Picture. - Sa26

7 Spider-Man

The Sam Rami SpiderMan Trilogy is the Superhero trilogy which really started the Superhero boom. - Sa26

8 Legally Blonde

The ultimate chick flick of the 2000s
A great comedy that every girl loves and with a very good female protagonist. - Sa26

9 Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone
10 Nothing hill

The Contenders

11 The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring
12 Finding Nemo
13 Inglourious Basterds
14 Love Actually
15 Bridget Jones's Diary
16 Monsters Inc.

Such a memorable movie - darthvadern

17 Taken
18 Scooby-Doo
19 Batman Begins
20 American Psycho
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