Top 10 Best Decades for Cars


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1 2010s

I love classic cars but these modern day supercars (and even mega cars in the case of the Koenigsegg One:1) are the stuff dreams are made of - Danielsun182

Are you kidding me the new always better - belarbi

2 1980s
3 1960s

THE 1980'S!?! No way! The 80's and 90's cars are pathetic compared to the classic cars of the 40's 50's 60's and 70's. - BKAllmighty

Best cars ever made happened in a ten year period. Because anything after 1970 is crap - turbomustang2001

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4 1990s

I really liked and still like so many of cars of this decade. In fact, I play a lot Gran Turismo 2, which mostly contains cars from this decade. Great list, CerealGuy! - keyson

5 1940s
6 1970s

Dodge challenger, Plymouth Barracuda. 1980's is #1? Are you kidding me? 80's cars were underpowered and absolute trash. Emission regulations really ruined cars.

7 1930s
8 1950's
9 1880s

The first car internal combustion engine was invented in 1886. - JHarte0909

10 2000s
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