Top 10 Deceased YouTubers

Its sad how those Youtubers died. I decide to wrote down the Youtubers that I've watched the most often.

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1 Monty Oum - Died in 2015

RIP Monty, you were a huge inspiration to many. You died far too young. But we will keep moving forward.

The most creative person I've ever seen. I only wish I could've met him.

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2 Eddsworld - Died in 2012

Your awesome cola on the ground for ya!

His world will keep on spinning...

He didn't deserve to die. He was a great person who will always be missed. I know for sure that I will never forget him no matter how much time passes. R.I.P Edd ;-;

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3 kitty0706 - Died in 2015

In memory of Kitty0706, I really enjoyed his videos, he will never be forgotten. His videos are legendary. - Delgia2k

The Elliot videos were the best. Loved your work, you were gone too soon. - JAE29

I will miss kitty 0706 he will be forever remembered by me and all his fans

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4 Taliajoy18 - Died in 2013

It is sad to see her leave so soon

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5 Yoteslaya - Died in 2013

He was the goat. I was so sad when I found out he passed.

6 RedKeyMon - Died in 2015

He didn't died

He isn't dead he got a year ban from YouTube

He not dead though..

I hope he's not dead we searched with posters for him in the united states and england,Austrailia even if he is dead we keep him in our hearts

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7 Yeardley Diamond - Died in 2014

Best Grand Theft Auto machinima maker ever lived

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8 Toonsmyth - Died in 2014

May you rest in peace you're one of the best animatronic I've known

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9 TheQuxxn - Died in 2013
10 Elliot Rodger - Died in 2014

He did a Killing Spree in Isla Vista and commited suicide in May 2014 - CanadianGuy99

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? TotalBiscuit - Died in 2018

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11 Caleb Logan - Died in 2015

Caleb you died too soon too young you will be missed dearly and everyone has sympathy for your family unfortunately your not here to read I miss you so much RIP Caleb Logan you will will never be forgotten

Caleb Logan,

You passed to quickly, I still think about you everyday, sometimes I even cry! I try not to because I know that you are looking down at your family and your fans. I wish I had magical powers back to when you were with us so that you, your family, and fans will show happiness when they think of you. ILY! :(((

I feel really sad for the family and viewers my friend has been crying their tears out and out because Caleb was their favorite

It's Hurricane Joaquin's Fault Because Caleb Found Out And Panicked And Decided To Take A Nap And Unfortunately He Never Woke Up

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12 Christina Grimmie - Died In 2016 Christina Grimmie - Died In 2016 Christina Victoria Grimmie (March 12th 1994 - June 10th 2016), known on YouTube as zeldaxlove64, was an American singer-songwriter known for participating in The Voice and for her covers of hit songs by contemporary pop musicians . She was shot dead during a meet-and-greet in Orlando, Florida, by fan more.

She had such a great voice, and somebody shot her. - Catacorn

THIS death could've been prevented however it's so sad I love her cover of Titanum

She should be #1, it's the worst thing to happen to YouTube.
Terror strikes.

What a shame. Such talent, and to have it cruelly ripped away from us. I wish I'd heard her music before all this happened. What a cruel way to go and what a cowardly man to have taken her life. Rest in Peace </3

13 JerkTV - Died in 2013

I'm not sure, some peoples thinks its suicide but I'm not sure - CanadianGuy99

It was a suicide, just look at the final tweets before he shot himself. - Mumbizz01

14 Greg Plitt - Died in 2015

Collision with a Train - CanadianGuy99

15 Anthony Powell - Died in 2009
16 Pekka-Eric Auvinen - Died in 2007

Really? he was a serial school killer

17 Asia McGowan - Died In 2009
18 Willdabeast - Died in 2011

He had such a horrid fate. Right after his graduation, he is sucked out of his car by a tornado. R.I.P. Will Norton you didn't deserve it 1992-2011 - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

19 JewWario - Died in 2013
20 Daniel Kyre - Died in 2015

Daniel was one of my favorite youtubers he has been gone for a while but we will never forget him

I miss him

I just can't believe how he was in such a good mood a few days before his death then he commits suicide. R.I.P. daniel

He was the co-founder of cyndago he died from a suicide attempt.

21 Geriatric - Died in 2014
22 Anthony Padilla - Died in 2015

He is not dead, stupid people need to get their facts straight.

He is not dead! - bobbythebrony

Uh... Anthony's still alive guys.

Killed himserf
Gun on the head and fired
Died on 2019

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23 Angry Grandpa - Died 2017

Get him to the top - 445956

24 bpblu - Died in 2009
25 Scott From Element Animation - Died in 2015

I really liked Scott and I am sad that he died. - RalphBob

26 Freddy E - Died in 2013
27 Amanda Todd - Died in 2012
28 MeeshaTV - Died in 2014

She was murdered by her ex boyfriend R.I.P Tamisha you didn't deserve it - ItsDaWorldOfSNuGGLEZ

29 3Pac - Died in 2015

RIP in peace

30 PeaSea4 - Died 2016

17 year old YouTuber committed suicide, Unknown reason as to why.

31 Emer Prevost - Died in 2017
32 Ben Breedlove - Died in 2011
33 Messy Mya - Died in 2010
34 Fred Figglehorn - Died in 2014 Fred Figglehorn - Died in 2014

Fred Is Dead (after selling his life to little kids).

35 geriatric1927 - Died in 2014

He was a good old fellow He was the most subbed youtuber at one point as well

36 He11sing920 - Died in 2017

His Epic Rants, Fanboy Chronicles and Reaction & Reviews will always be remembered. - SuperSonic17

37 NLPMinecraft - Died in 2013

I Have No Words To Say NLPMinecraft Have Suffering From Headaches Like 6 Years And He Kill Himself Because He Lost Memories I Feel So Sorry For Him And Bellabeth Never Talk To Him In That Time And
RIP NLPMinecraft

38 nanaluvstroubles - Died in 2014
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1. Yeardley Diamond - Died in 2014
2. kitty0706 - Died in 2015
3. Geriatric - Died in 2014
1. Monty Oum - Died in 2015
2. Taliajoy18 - Died in 2013
3. Eddsworld - Died in 2012
1. Monty Oum - Died in 2015
2. Eddsworld - Died in 2012
3. Taliajoy18 - Died in 2013

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