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1 Megatron

The same as the fallen a leader and a guy who killed optimus prime in 2 movies

He actually might beat optimus prime... in the first movie he wins...then in the secondone again ok in the third one he loses CAUSE OPTIMUS TAKES THE POWERS OF ANOTHER DICEPTICON...but megatron still can win

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2 Blackout

A helicopter who killed humans because of his cool guns

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3 Shockwave Shockwave Shockwave is the name of several fictional characters in the Transformers franchise. Throughout his incarnations, he is usually distinguished by a laser cannon instead of one of his hands and his distinctive face, which is featureless save for a single robotic eye.

This guy screams evil! He probably could take out megatron!

His battle in dark of the moon was great. Every appearance in it made me think, "He is a force to be reckoned with. More so than even Soundwave." Cold and calculating, he not only packs the brain but the brawn and the guns. Soundwave packs brains

He is badass!

He's strong and intelligent.WHAT DO YOU WANT MORE THAN THIS?

4 Soundwave Soundwave Soundwave is the name of a fictional character appearing in various Transformers franchises. His most famous transformation is that of a microcassette recorder.

I love soundwave even though born when the show ended my dad did a great impression that made me love him, without soundwave the decepticons wouldn't have gotten cruciall info that the decepticons needed, any way my vote goes to soundwave.

Soundwave superior barricade, blackout, and shockwave inferior

He hid until movie 3 who almost killed que/wheeljack

Soundwave is just badass no matter the incarnation. he almost killed wheeljack with a minor injury, defeated arachnid in 10 seconds and his loyalty to megatron is awesome. he is both terrifying and awesome

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5 Barricade

A cop who is rivals with bumblebee and almost destroyed him

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6 Lockdown

Lockdown should survive and optimus should die

He's not even a decepticon.

Awesome! His hook is badass and he is the best Decepticon although he is a mercenary. I liked his role in AOE, better than Megatron and Starscream. If he was a full Decepticon in Extinction, then he should've been the leader and replaced Galvatron and survived as leader of the Decepticons. -

7 Starscream Starscream Starscream is a fictional character in the Transformers franchise. He is one of the most frequently occurring characters in the Transformers fictional work, appearing in almost all versions of the story.

A jet who sometimes betrays megatron but is still a cool transformer

He helped the decepticons win however he was killed by Sam. He should fly and kill Sam and the autobots because most autobots cannot fly! He is also Cooler than the other decepticons.


Top 5 decepticons 5. Megtron 4. Shockwave 3.thundercracker 2.soundwave


8 Bonecrusher
9 Brawl

Come on guys, out of all the deceptions here, Brawl has to be the one who enjoys utterly devastating (see what I did there) autobots, besides being a combaticon, which is pretty much deception special forces, he can combine into the giant Bruticus

10 The Fallen

A leader of the decepticons one of the primes and one of the first decepticons

How is the fallen not number 1 he is the most powerful decepticon and can only be defeated by a prime.

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11 Devastator

I was in the flatter would devastate really cool I like him a lot like a mudflap and skids well one more flight got sucked up I thought he would've been dead but instead got clogged up and devastator's throw and then he got barf back out but I would think it would be cooler if those more scenes of him sucking up and or killing OtterBox because it would mean a cooler and you would've been looking more dangerous and like deadly stuff

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12 Rampage
13 Blitzwing
14 Scoreponok

A scorpion who hid in plain sight and survived movie 1 but died in movie 2

15 Skywarp
16 Long Haul
17 Scrapper
18 Mixmaster
19 Sideways
20 Grindor
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