Top Ten Decyfer Down Songs from Crash

Crash is the second album by the North Carolina rock band, Decyfer Down
The third single, after "Crash" and "Fading", was announced to be "Desperate", which recently peaked at #1 on the Christian Rock chart, making it their seventh consecutive number-one single. The album has been nominated at the 52nd Grammy Awards for Best Rock Gospel Album.

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1 Fading

Fading is the best Decyfer Down ever! One of the best Christian rock song I have ever listened to. decyfer is so underrated. This song is catchy and I love it.

2 Crash

I guess this song and Fight Like This made Decyfer Down popular.

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3 Wasting Away
4 Best I Can

This song reflects most Christian lives trying to be their best after acknowledging their weaknesses.

5 Now I'm Alive

Thanks a million for adding this song to the list from one of Decyfer's Crash EPs. thanks a million! - RonahJohn

6 Forever With You

Great lyrics and an unforgettable song. Definitely touchy.

7 Over My Head
8 Ride With Me
9 The Life

The song is a beautiful one. I attended a retreat on repentance and healing and I suddenly I underwent a transformation. I got a new life now - really peaceful. This song tells me of my new life in Him who redeemed me. The Life is the best crash album Decyfer Down song!

Amazing song and most underrated song in the album.

10 Desperate

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11 Moving On
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1. Fading
2. Now I'm Alive
3. Crash
1. Fading
2. Crash
3. Over My Head
1. Now I'm Alive
2. Fading
3. The Life


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