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1 Highway Star

The intro guitar riff, the bass riff/solo, the screaming of Ian Gillan, the organ keyboard riff. Everything was so good. Oh, and the drum beats were also good. - zxm

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2 Child In Time

Slow beginning. The intro keyboard, slow paced singing of Ian Gillan. I think it'd be best on top. - zxm

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3 Smoke On The Water

I don't have to explain here. The guitar riff is the most famous intro of all time. - zxm

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4 A Touch Away

Very underrated song. But the intro guitar was awesome. Melodic, nice intro. - zxm

5 Knocking at Your Back Door

A very interesting and I would say funny intro - they mimic the "knock knock" sound. - Metal_Treasure

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6 Speed King

The heavy guitar strumming, then the solo, then the keyboard solo. Quite good. - zxm

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7 You Keep On Moving

The bass intro. That's seemed quite nice to me. - zxm

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8 King Of Dreams

Creepy intro that contains the sound of somebody's heavy breathing. - Metal_Treasure

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9 The Battle Rages On

The riff, that's what was nice. - zxm

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10 Burn

Good guitar intro. - zxm

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11 Black Night

The guitar riff. - zxm

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12 Fireball

The drum intro, then the guitar riff. drums intro was the reason I added it. - zxm

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13 Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming UListen to Sample
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1. Child In Time
2. Highway Star
3. Smoke On The Water
1. Knocking at Your Back Door
2. Highway Star
3. Smoke On The Water


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