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1 Perfect Strangers

Zxm, it's interesting that we both make the same association with those riffs - yes, they always sounded to me exactly like a huge monster chasing me (Godzilla or something like that). When I read your comment I was happy that somebody else feels this music in the same way. - Metal_Treasure

This outro is definitely one of my favorite. I think it's the second best after Child in Time outro. - Metal_Treasure

Yes, I agree. I like this riff more than smoke on the water. It was the first thing of this song that got me into this song. - zxm

Those riffs. Sounds like a monster chasing you. - zxm

2 Sometimes I Feel Like Screaming
3 Son of Alerik
4 Flight of the Rat V 1 Comment
5 Wasted Sunsets
6 Child In Time

I truly believe this is the most impressive Deep Purple outro and one of the most legendary outros in all rock/metal. By outro I mean the last 2 minutes with Gillan legendary screams. The list title doesn't say guitar outros only. - Metal_Treasure

Yes, this list isn't only about guitar outro. You can add any instrument's outro. That's why I added Flight Of The Rat. For the drum solo. - zxm

7 Love Conquers All
8 Hard Lovin' Man
9 Hungry Daze

This outro is pretty interesting and long, and Ian Gillan even growls (shallow growls, not death growls, but he does it very well). The entire song needs more more attention - this song is one of my favorite Deep Purple songs. - Metal_Treasure

10 Mistreated

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11 Knocking at Your Back Door
12 Fools
13 Lazy
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