Top 10 Deep Purple Riffs


The Top Ten

1 Stormbringer
2 Mistreated

Just find on YouTube the live video from California 1974. Beware though - this riff is able to open your third eye. - Metal_Treasure

3 The Cut Runs Deep
4 Hungry Daze
5 Perfect Strangers
6 Demon's Eyes
7 Pictures of Home
8 Black Night V 1 Comment
9 Burn

This song was pretty complex and odd for the 70s. Besides, it isn't melody-driven and it rather showcases musicianship/technicality. That's the reason it never became very popular but metal musicians appreciate it - for its riff, drumming and vocals. - Metal_Treasure

10 Smoke On the Water

I think the intro riff is amazing but I've put it at 11 because many people think it's overplayed, simple and overrated. Okay then, there at least 10 Deep Purple riffs that are better and more complex, which are not overplayed for sure. - Metal_Treasure

The Contenders

11 Hard Lovin' Man

It's a gallop. I love gallops and I also love when Iron Maiden and Iced Earth base their songs on gallops. This song was probably the first speed metal song ever (1970). - Metal_Treasure

12 Highway Star
13 The Gypsy
14 King of Dreams
15 Mad Dog
16 Space Truckin'

Its great

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