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21 Blind Blind

47 songs and not a single entry for "Blind. " A pretty damn good song from one of their most underrated albums. Come on, peeps!

22 Hey Joe Hey Joe

It amazes me that this was not even on the list. Best song on their first album alongside hush. The 7 min version is the best cover (acc. to me), the starting is just majestic and Rod Evans as always kicks ass. Come on this should be at least in top 20.

Leaves did it first; Hendrix did it best

23 Son of Alerik Son of Alerik

One of the most awesome hidden tracks in history. I've heard this song back when I was a little child, early steps into music. Blew my mind. 10 minutes of total epic music travel through space with a smile on your face.

This song is quite simply ten minutes of Awesomness. A absolute MASTERPIECE by deep purple. This song should have gotten MUCH more recognition. This and Solitaire are definitely deep purples most underrated songs. Listen to them and you will see for yourself. Son of Alerik dhould definitely be Nunber 1. Never get tired of listening to it.

Such a beautiful, masterful song, like the previous commenter said, 10 minutes of a awesomness.

24 Pictures of Home Pictures of Home

A great epic song! Live version is a masterpiece! Jon Lord at is best. Deep Purple forever...

Jon Lord's favourite song of machine head, is one of the best purple songs

I like this song aplenty reason to love this song

All instruments in this song have their own solo,I like this song.Intro guitar lick is great.In MachineHead Album,Smoke on the water is for 1st,Highway Star is for 2nd and this song is for 3rd.

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25 Hungry Daze Hungry Daze

Deep Purple are again one step ahead - besides its awesome melody and riff, this song has some elements of symphonic (power) metal. Go beat Ritchie Blackmore when speaking of metal invention, and respectively - metal subgenres.

And Gillan even growls towards the end - it's so metal. - Metal_Treasure

26 Hallelujah
27 The Battle Rages On... The Battle Rages On... V 1 Comment
28 April April

Not many people realize how creative were MK 1. With a perfect combination of classical and rock in various shades, this song is maybe the best song purple ever made. Trust me

Absolutely incredible song. 114? This is one of their best songs. Please, if you scroll far down enough to see this, give it a listen!

April isn't just the best Deep Purple song--It's the single most under rated rock song ever. Basically a perfect song.

Harmony of classical instruments and rock instruments, make this song better. - burakbarane

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29 Bloodsucker Bloodsucker

Used to play this on guitar all the time, quite tricky to master too. Heavy and funky in that unique purple way. Gillian is unbelievable.

I have somehow never heard this song until recently. Now I cannot get it out of my head.

30 Demon's Eye Demon's Eye

Is it only me crazy about this song? It's one of my top 10-15. - Metal_Treasure

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31 Mad Dog Mad Dog

This song is a amazing classic Metal song that Deep Purple should play more often

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32 Help Help

Slower haunting cover of the Beatles hit

33 Smooth Dancer Smooth Dancer

Powerful, great lyric, fantastic keyboards, from a very underrated slbum

34 The Spanish Archer The Spanish Archer

This is an Amazing Heavy Metal Track Deep Purple created a gem with this one. This track is way underrated - STLRams1

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35 Nobody's Home Nobody's Home
36 King of Dreams

How isn't this between the top 10? IMPOSSIBLE! This is one of the most pleasant musics I've ever heard

This song should be in at least top 20

37 Flight of the Rat Flight of the Rat

What on earth is this doing so low on the list!? Simply stunning piece of music and probably my #1.

38 Maybe I'm A Leo Maybe I'm A Leo

Love this song, should be higher

Love the riff of this song

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39 Hard Lovin' Man Hard Lovin' Man

One of the first examples of speed metal in my opinion

0%? You're kidding! When the band reformed in '84 each member picked their favourite DP song for a Radio One special and this was Jon's choice - and he knew a thing or two about music! Perhaps it takes more time to appreciate than some songs but it's worth the effort. It's certainly risen in my top ten over the last forty odd years, maybe because it sounded a tad messy on the lo-fi mono record player we had back then. Surely the band's most breath-taking, exciting and simply OTT studio recording. Epic indeed.

Agree - pure speed metal, and epic! All those gallops in current metal came from DP's speed metal. - Metal_Treasure

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40 Anthem Anthem

This song deserves to be on this list, and pretty high on it in matter fact.

Most underrated song of Deep Purple. And best song with Rod Evans. - zxm

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