Top Ten Deep Purple Songs

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41 Anthem

This song deserves to be on this list, and pretty high on it in matter fact.

Great Track from the 1969 group

Most underrated song of Deep Purple. And best song with Rod Evans. - zxm

42 No, No, No
43 Fault Line/The Painter

Another hidden gem made by the fantastic MK 1

44 Haunted V 1 Comment
45 Bad Attitude

Love this song chch

46 Ramshackle Man
47 Dealer
48 Loosen My Strings
49 A Gypsy's Kiss

Amazing guitar and keyboard work

Top 10!

50 Hallelujah
51 Rapture of the Deep

This is the best song I ever heard o my god listen this please!
the first one is burn and the second one is this!

52 This Time Around
53 A Simple Song
54 Why Didn't Rosemary
55 Doing It Tonight

Its not the most popular song of deep purple but certainly one of their best... Great party song... This song should be heard by all Deep Purple fans

56 Hold On
57 All the Time in the World

This should be on 1st place! Epic song, epic vocal, epic gitar! Just the best!

58 You Keep on Moving V 2 Comments
59 The Mule

Best version is the one on the Made in Japan release, not the ones from the Japan concerts.

60 Love Conquers All
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