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81 Our Lady
82 Hard Lovin' Woman
83 And the Address
84 Wrong Man
85 April

Not many people realize how creative were MK 1. With a perfect combination of classical and rock in various shades, this song is maybe the best song purple ever made. Trust me

Absolutely incredible song. 114? This is one of their best songs. Please, if you scroll far down enough to see this, give it a listen!

April isn't just the best Deep Purple song--It's the single most under rated rock song ever. Basically a perfect song.

This song is incredible, I can't believe why it's so down in this top. If everyone could give it a listen, I'm pretty sure it would be much more appreciated than the basic Smoke on the Water.

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86 Lady Double Dealer
87 Ted the Mechanic
88 Lalena

Good song from an early album I still play occasionally.

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89 Might Just Take Your Life
90 You Can't Do It Right
91 Lay Down, Stay Down

Great riff as usual and Ritchie pulls off yet another stunning and original solo. The drums are crazy and I love lord on piano. Terrific

92 One More Rainy Day
93 Rat Rat Blue

Taste the real music

94 Mandrake Root
95 Living Wreck
96 Anyone's Daughter
97 What's Goin' On Here
98 Love Child V 1 Comment
99 Not Responsible

I cannot believe how unknown this song is its ausome super underrated but yall need 2 listen 2 it at least 3 times then maybe youll like it

100 The Unwritten Law
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