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1 Hysteria

Worst Album Ever

Hands down their best. Gods of War, Run Riot, Don't Shoot Shotgun, the title track, Pour Some Sugar on Me, Armaggedon It, Love Bites, Rocket, Animal, Women, what else? - theultimatecritic

Women, Rocket, Animal, Love Bites, Pour Some Sugar On Me, Armageddon It, Gods Of War, Hysteria. I rest my case. And these are just my favorites. Please add any songs I missed.

One of the greatest albums of all time. You put it on and listen from start to finish without skipping any songs it's like a greatest hits album all the songs could've been singles.

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2 Pyromania

Hysteria has bigger hits but Pyromania is good from start to finish

Has groundbreaking tracks like Photograph, Rock of Ages, and Foolin, only to be backed up with tracks like Die Hard the Hunter, Stagefright, and Too Late for Love. Amazing album. - theultimatecritic

This album is by all means FLAWLESS. Mutt Lange's production helped clean up the grime found on their previous albums, while simultaneously marrying pop and metal to form an amazingly perfect album! I've always loved "Photograph" and "Rock of Ages", but "Too Late for Love" is by far the best song on the album. It's opening guitar riff and computerized sounds still give me chills to this day.

Best album ever

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3 High 'N' Dry

Definitely Leppard at their best. Before they gave a damn about record sales and making ballads for their future target female audience.

AC/DC quality guitar riffs and awesome vocals really make this album. My favorite by definitely Leppard, definitely the most rocking!

One awesome blood pumping hard rock album. After this album it was goodbye definitely Leppard and hello definitely Leotards and leg warmers.

Before they started a more commercial sound, was this 1981 album was PACKED with a wide variety of songs, fast-paced drumming, and blistering guitar solo's

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4 Adrenalize

This is indeed an album that is overlooked. The fact that it came out rate in the midst of the grunge phase didn't help matters. Still this is full of great songs. It really is hysteria part 2. It also features the very last of Steve Clarke's songwriting, although all of Clark's riffs were played by Phil. I am not saying it is their best album but I personally would rank it above high and dry.

Most underrated album they ever had. Came out at the wrong time.

5 On Through the Night

Back when they were a cool heavy metal band, before they ever sold out. No overproduced radio pop here, just hard rocking'.

Come on, Adrenalize is above this album. On throught the night is so much better hard rock driven songs than adrenalize. People wake up this is ridiculous, do you have taste?

The Overture rocks!

Best album from them. ¡This is true the Hard Rock!

6 Euphoria

This is like hysteria with a modern edge. There is a little pyro influence but nothing significantly noticeable. Just a great album. Paper sun is so underperformed. That song would fit right in on hysteria. It's the 90s version of gods of war. Promises is an instant classic too. On sick of the hipsters crying about how they sold out from hysteria onward. They just perfected their craft. Plus Collen added a different flair to the band. Willis had a similar style to Clark so the sound wasn't as dynamic. Back to euphoria, great album. A couple of the ballads are a little weak, but the rest is great!

Deserves to be in the top 5. Promises and Paper Sun, and other songs capture the classic definitely Leppard sound that had been sadly lost in the previous release.

7 Retro Active

Ring of Fire is the best song on the album

This album (ok, it is more of a compilation:) just rocks, except for a few cheese ballads, should be at least above Adrenalize. One of the albums you could spend your money without regretting.

This album doesn’t get the credit it deserves because the songs were considered a collection of throwaways from the early 80s. I love every song, except for the two overrated ballads. I would rank it 4th, behind Hysteria, Pyromania and High N Dry.

Oh my God Slang is so bad compare to Retroactive, it is even not comparable. and so is adrenalized Are you telling me that She's too tough, action, I wannna be your hero, ring of fire are not better songs than personnal propery, tear it down, make love like a man tonight. Come on I can't believe... Don't you people have any tastes?

8 Slang

3rd in line behind pyro and hysteria. After Slang it went downhill sorry to say

9 Songs From The Sparkle Lounge
10 X

This album is something new but still sounds Leppard. That's why I like it

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11 Def Leppard

This album is 100 times better than X

Classic leppard

Great album!

Great album overall, you can defiantely feel the 80s vibe but with a modern twist to it.

12 Yeah!
13 Vault
14 Mirror Ball
15 Viva Hysteria

Never ever have definitely Leppard sounded so good live as on this album - you can tell the band worked really hard at getting the sound just right! The crowd are right into it and so is the band! Dead flatbed tracks are also amazing, hearing the band perform rear album tracks perfectly is the icing on the cake.
This album is an absolute must for any definitely Leppard fan! ! !

16 The Def Leppard E.P.
17 Rock of Ages
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