Top Ten Defense Beyblade Fusion Wheels


The Top Ten

1 Counter

When it gets hit beys go bye bye

I have a counter fushion wheel and it beat my freinds attacked all my beyblades at once and all ten of the other bey go kicked out of the staduim by it defending the attacks who ever voted for these are correct.

2 Rock

Amazing you need this more than counter counter should be last it is horrible vote for rock or twisted

Rock Leone is amazing I've had counter leone and rock leone fight. The final score was 3 - 2 with counter Leone only 2 and rock leone 3

It is A Very Good Fusion Wheel. I Have an Invincible Rock Scorpio. So, Rock Is A Very Good Fusion Wheel For Defense Type Beys.


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3 Grand

It blocks attacks from any side! - pizzza

4 Twisted

If you use a short spin track, it have super defense, and balance, it also have super effect when it battle any beys

Really high defense and super heavy to increase it and if the uneven part wasn't there then it would be practically unbeatable

It is super heavy and has way more defense than Counter. The only problem is it doesn't have that good balance - doublebattlebros

The only reason it’s not first is because some people cal it basalt and others call it twisted. So basalt and twisted should combine the number of votes they have. It’s very heavy for solid defense and a perfect circle for decent stamina.

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5 Earth

Earth beats twisted, counter, rock, grand in both defense and stamina. So, what does anybody need more than these. It also got good counter attack abilities. It's spin rate is much more than normal. So simply it's the best defense wheel.

Earth is a good fusion wheel it can almost beat burn fireblaze which is the best stamina type ever

Awesome defense. Also stamina.

My best fusion wheel for defense, stamina, balance

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6 Fang

Kicked out Big Bang pegasus

It kicked my hell dragonis out of the stadium

7 Gravity

Just strong like that ittl beat every thing here at once,

Gravity is a good and extra ppower fusion wheel

8 Basalt

The beyblade that uses th wheel is undefeatable

I never loose hen I use this.

The beyblade that used the basalt wheel just moved a little when it was attacked by screw capricorne

This wheel beat meteo l-drago screw capricorne storm pegasus hell kerbecs easily

9 Vulcan

Awesome wheel any beyblade which hits this goes flying out of the stadium. It has good defense an excellent smash attack I recommend this fusion wheel

I have it and beat others on a 3 on 1 battle it was my Vulcan horoses vs fang leone, burn fireblaze, and galaxy pegasus

10 Duo

Are you all insane?! Duo is way better due to its round shape and weight. Also, Counter?! That is not a good wheel at all! I'm ashamed of the voters.

Duo is very great for defense and and it also has powerful attack

The Contenders

11 Death

Blocks all attacks from my cosmic peg. Kreis cygnus and hyper aquario

Block all attacks from my cosmic peg. Kreis cygnus and hyper aquario

Death can beat cosmic peg and works on oval stadiums. (i know because I use my desk chair for a beystadium)

12 Dark
13 Jade

It's so cool that it beat cosmic pegaus

Is awesome

14 Firefuse

The rubber makes it very good at defense, also counter is terrible. please don't vote for counter unless you know nothing about beys

15 Kries

I like how it hade 2 modes

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