Top Ten Most Defensive Pokemon Type Combinations

A list of Pokemon type combinations that have the most other Pokemon types that won't be very effective against them.

Special shout out to the Steel type. It would have made number six by itself but this list is for Type Combinations.

The Top Ten

1 Steel/Fairy

Every Pokemon with this type combination has a very high base defense stat. - Kevie16

To most defensive types combined together. What do you expect? - Kiteretsunu

2 Steel/Flying

Flying provides immunity to ground moves so that you don't get destroyed by earthquake and steel adds some good defense to the mix.

3 Steel/Dragon
4 Steel/Ghost
5 Steel/Water
6 Normal/Ghost
7 Steel/Fighting
8 Ghost/Dark

Fairy Types didn't ruin it, they BALANCED it.

It is still pretty OP though.

Spiritomb and Sableye used to be completely superior until fairy type came along

Used to be the combo with no weakness until fairy types ruined it

9 Steel/Bug
10 Steel/Ground

The Contenders

11 Steel/Grass

Steel, steel, steel.

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