Top Ten Defunct Roller Coasters

The Top Ten Defunct Roller Coasters

1 The Bat (Kings Island)
2 King Cobra (Kings Island)
3 The Jester (Six Flags)
4 King Kobra (Kings Dominion)
5 Viper (Six Flags Over Georgia)
6 Mega Zeph (Six Flags)
7 Texas Giant (Six Flags Over Texas)
8 Flashback (Six Flags)
9 Z Force (Six Flags)
10 Volcano (Kings Dominion)

RIP - Maddox121

The Contenders

11 Rolling Thunder (Six Flags)
12 Big Bad Wolf (Busch Gardens)
13 Great American Scream Machine (Six Flags)
14 Freestyle (Canada’s Wonderland)
15 Son of Beast (Kings Island)
16 Vortex (Kings Island)
17 Stinger (Dorney Park)
18 Lazer (Dorney Park)
19 Dragon Challenge (Islands of Adventure)
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