Top Ten Demi Lovato Songs That Get Stuck In Your Head

Some songs by Demi Lovato get stuck in your head for some reason, even if you don't like the song.

This is the list of songs that get stuck in my head, please vote too!

The Top Ten

1 Heart Attack Heart Attack

Once it's in my head, it never gets out. Then it bursts out of my mouth and I start singing it. - zehnlovatic

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2 Yes I Am

I don't really like the song especially the chorus. But then the chorus gets stuck in my head - zehnlovatic

3 Back Around

Not a very popular song, from Demi Lovato's Don't Forget - International Edition. But this song gets stuck in your head because of the rock 'n roll - zehnlovatic

4 Unbroken Unbroken

This song makes you all hyper once it gets stuck in your head. - zehnlovatic

5 You're My Only Shorty You're My Only Shorty V 1 Comment
6 Neon Lights Neon Lights

Cool amazing Club song. Listen to it once and it'll never come out of your head. - zehnlovatic

7 Something That We're Not Something That We're Not
8 La la Land La la Land
9 Give Your Heart a Break Give Your Heart a Break

Sometimes I get this stuck in my head... like now. - funnyuser

It's such a catchy song.

10 The Middle The Middle

The Contenders

11 Really Don't Care Really Don't Care

It is awesome and Cher's rap is just so amazing 'Hey Demi picked the wrong lover...

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12 Let It Go Let It Go

The song is awesome...a catchy one!

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