Top 10 Demi Lovato Songs That Go Unnoticed

This is a list of all Demi Lovato songs off her albums which are noticed the least and rated the least too.

The Top Ten

1 Solo

I love this song so much, but sadly It is not noticed by most Lovatics. - zehnlovatic

2 Party

From her album Don't Forget, this song is cool to dance too and again this song is underrated. - zehnlovatic

3 Aftershock

Cool to listen to, but this song is from Demi's Unbroken deluxe edition. Which is why some Lovatics havn't heard it.
It is very Underrated - zehnlovatic

4 Everything You're Not

This song deserves attention, It could have but it didn't. This is because "For the Love of a daughter" was on the album until it was cancelled. In its replacement for the song, Demi sang Everything your not. Which is why hardly anyone has heard this song. - zehnlovatic

5 Falling Over Me

I love this song so much! It shows the real Demi, what kind of music she really is and who she is as an artist without the stupid autotune.

Really Calming and you can listen to it like it's a lullaby, This song hardly has attention due to its lack of loudness and fun which Lovatics want. - zehnlovatic

6 Hold Up

A party, Dancing song which all people can dance to, even rappers, It's good to play in parties and clubs... But sadly this song isn't noticed - zehnlovatic

7 The Middle

You may have listened to it once or twice, and you may not like it BUT, If you listen to it closely you will figure out it's amazing meaning. It is one of those songs which are played in Restaurants (I heard it when it came on in a restaurant) - zehnlovatic

8 I Hate You, Don't Leave Me
9 Fire Starter


10 Trainwreck

The Newcomers

? Gonna Get Caught

This song is too underrated From her album "Don't Forget", this song Is one of those songs Lovatics hear the least.
How can a song like this have no attention! - zehnlovatic

The Contenders

11 In Case
12 Without the Love

A song with a beautiful melody could even become a single but isn't noticed. - zehnlovatic

13 Quiet

Not a song you would expect. the word"Quiet" would sound like a song which would be calm and Quiet, but listeners just havn't noticed that it's a loud rock song. - zehnlovatic

14 Believe In Me
15 Stone Cold
16 Together
17 World of Chances
18 Behind Enemy Lines
19 In Real Life
20 Yes I Am
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