DEMIGOD is a four piece Metalcore band from Jaipur .

The band root started in 2013 when Jubin and Ravneet met and began to plan the future of how to start everything, they mix their ideas and started to work over the Guitar riffs and solos work . After certain time they decided that its the right time to look for the other dedicated members . And thats how very luckily they got Ayush on Drums, one of the youngest & talented drummer that this city could have & luckily for Bass job as Abishek. As in now both Jubin & Abhishek had left the band for the their further career plans, which again the band luckily got the right guys for the perfect job as Shrey on Bass & Back vocals and Rishab on Lead Guitars

The band is working on the EP-Whiplash Motif, that they soon going to launch with the ultimate work .

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