Best Demons & Wizards Songs


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1 My Last Sunrise

A very emotional song with one of the best vocal performances in all metal. - Metal_Treasure

2 Fiddler on the Green

Just perfect.
Amazing ballad giving chills - music, lyrics, story, vocals, the epic outro... The scream is one of the best ever - long, powerful and melodic. - Metal_Treasure

Beautiful song

This song makes me emotional evertime I listen to it...wonderful concept build on real incidents and awesome music to give essence to lyric...

3 Crimson King

I like this song. - Pony

This was the first song I liked but later I also appreciated My Last Sunrise (even more - because it's deeper and more intense).

Crimson King is based on The Dark Tower (series) by Stephen King. - Metal_Treasure

4 Path of Glory

Vox at the beginning are just wow! - Metal_Treasure

5 Heaven Denies

The outro of this song is the most beautiful vocal performance in the world!
Known for his harsh and powerful metal voice, here Hansi Kürsch showcases his softest, angelic and almost spiritual voice.
The whole song is amazing - the riff, melody, lyrics, etc.

This song is based on Milton's Paradise Lost and it's about the downfall of Lucifer. - Metal_Treasure

6 Tear Down the Wall
7 Blood on My Hands
8 Love's Tragedy Asunder
9 Poor Man's Crusade
10 Lunar Lament

The Contenders

11 Spatial Architects
12 Seize the Day
13 Down Where I Am
14 Gallows Pole V 1 Comment
15 The Whistler
16 Terror Train
17 Wicked Witch
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