Most Depressing Moments In Noragami


The Top Ten

1 When Yukine Almost turned into a Phantom

That was the only time I've ever cries in any show, and it's really hard to make me cry. - funnyuser

2 When Suzaha died

Yuki was sad and crying for a long time so Yato was also depressed and URRGH! - funnyuser

3 When all of almost Bishimon's regalias died the second time

Bishi was depressed :( - funnyuser

4 When Yukine Almost died

By Bishimon slicing him in half, but he came back - funnyuser

5 When Yukine tried to look for Suzaha after he died

Woah, if it wasn't for Kazuma, Yukine would have been dead. - funnyuser

6 When the 'Ma' clan all died

But luckily Kazuma stayed alive. Also known as the first war between Yato and Bishimon, but it was depressing. ;( - funnyuser

7 When Yato went into the Underworld

I can't remember exactly what happened because it has been a while since I've seen Noragami Aragoto. But it was sad :( - funnyuser

8 When Yukine smashed all the Windows in the school

It was so EMOTIONAL ah, the feels are coming back! - funnyuser

9 When Hiyori became a half-phantom

It still gave me feels though it wasn't very sad. - funnyuser

10 When Yukine was thinking about how Hiyori would go on without them

He was crying about this for a while.:( - funnyuser

The Contenders

11 When Hiyori didn't want to watch the show with Yato at Capypa Land

This was so sad in OVA 4

Fujisaki Kouto I HATE YOU SO BAD

12 When Ebisu was executed

Saddest so far in my opinion. - Goku02

13 When Yato got his own shrine

What's so depressing about this? It's just emotional, not depressing. - Goku02

14 When Yato's Father Kissed Hiyori
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