Most Depressing Moments In Noragami


The Top Ten

1 When Yukine Almost turned into a Phantom

That was the only time I've ever cries in any show, and it's really hard to make me cry. - funnyuser

2 When Suzaha died

Yuki was sad and crying for a long time so Yato was also depressed and URRGH! - funnyuser

3 When all of almost Bishimon's regalias died the second time

Bishi was depressed :( - funnyuser

4 When Yukine Almost died

By Bishimon slicing him in half, but he came back - funnyuser

5 When Yukine tried to look for Suzaha after he died

Woah, if it wasn't for Kazuma, Yukine would have been dead. - funnyuser

6 When the 'Ma' clan all died

But luckily Kazuma stayed alive. Also known as the first war between Yato and Bishimon, but it was depressing. ;( - funnyuser

7 When Yato went into the Underworld

I can't remember exactly what happened because it has been a while since I've seen Noragami Aragoto. But it was sad :( - funnyuser

8 When Yukine smashed all the Windows in the school

It was so EMOTIONAL ah, the feels are coming back! - funnyuser

9 When Hiyori became a half-phantom

It still gave me feels though it wasn't very sad. - funnyuser

10 When Yukine was thinking about how Hiyori would go on without them

He was crying about this for a while.:( - funnyuser

The Contenders

11 When Ebisu was executed

Saddest so far in my opinion. - Goku02

12 When Hiyori didn't want to watch the show with Yato at Capypa Land

This was so sad in OVA 4

Fujisaki Kouto I HATE YOU SO BAD

13 When Yato got his own shrine

What's so depressing about this? It's just emotional, not depressing. - Goku02

14 When Yato's Father Kissed Hiyori
15 When Hiyori forgot about Yato

Yato is constantly being forgotten by everyone, and suddenly someone who he cares about very much has completely forgotten who he was...

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