Top 10 Most Depressing Nirvana Songs

Nirvana is a very depressing band. They also have some depressing songs. Here's their most depressing songs. If I missed one feel free to add it.

The Top Ten

1 Dumb

I honestly had to include it the tone and lyrics are depressing. - SomePersonYouHate

2 Rape Me

Their second overall most depressing song. - SomePersonYouHate

3 Do Re Mi

The lyrics are quite depressing and this was the last song Cobain wrote before he shot himself. - SomePersonYouHate

4 Stay Away

Especially this portion: " Give an inch, take a smile
(I don't know why)
Fashion s***s, fashion stile
(I don't know why)
Throw it out and keep it in
(I don't know why)
Have to have poison skin
(I don't know why)" - SomePersonYouHate

5 Something in the Way

One of their most depressing songs. - SomePersonYouHate

6 Sifting

Depressing all the way through to be honest. - SomePersonYouHate

7 Downer

If listen to the lyrics you'll see why it's in the top 10. - SomePersonYouHate

8 All Apologies

While it is slightly overrated it also is depressing. - SomePersonYouHate

9 Polly

Quite depressing the lyrics are sad and the way Kurt sings is also pretty depressing. - SomePersonYouHate

10 On a Plain

It has a very depressing atmosphere. - SomePersonYouHate

The Contenders

11 You Know You're Right
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