Top Ten Depressing or Sad Disney Movies

Pixar to Disney these are really depressing and I cry while watching.

The Top Ten

1 The Lion King

My God, people... Stop crying over Mufasa's death...

He's just a fictional character, not your father. Also, Mufasa was a dictator who forced a whole species into the Outlands to starve for no reason. You may be asking or saying "Hyenas are the bad guys! That's why they are sent to the Outlands to starve for no reason! " But the Outlands residents include good hyenas too according to The Lion Guard.

Of course this film is sad and depressing. That is one of the reasons why this film is terrible. Why do hyenas all have to be bad guys, worse yet, henchmen? That is a bad portrayal of the species. And it's not just a few individuals who were cast as bad guys, but rather the whole species! That is so wrong. You should never discriminate an animal species. It is possible to make a story about lions without villainizing hyenas nor cast a whole species as evil; Just look at every show, movie, game or such with lions in it; They feature very little to no evil hyenas at all. I know ...more

Mufasa dies and watching Simba growing up to be just like his father without being with his kind feels sad to me. - AngryHimouto

2 Inside Out (2015)

So many sad scenes

I cry every day because of this movie - Disneyfan11

3 Dumbo

Why didn't they name him Smarto. - AlphaQ

4 Up

Disney movies are often associated with death but this movie literally highlights Ellie's death more than any. The music and atmospheric tone makes her death even more sad considering what both Carl and Ellie's dream to go to Paradise Falls never came true in her lifetime. - AngryHimouto

Apart from the 1st scene, everything else was funny. - AlphaQ

Lmao how's a comedy movie sad? - AlphaQ

Should be at the top
Super sad

5 Toy Story 3

The only one on the list that was sort of emotional. - AlphaQ

6 Lady and the Tramp
7 The Fox and the Hound

I can only say one thing here: WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY? - AlphaQ

About a fox who's keeps a dog as a pet and eats it's poop lmao. - AlphaQ

8 Finding Nemo
9 Bambi

About a deer who kicks people's nuts Ew. - AlphaQ

10 Zootopia

All I can say is: WHAT DOES THE FOX SAY? - AlphaQ

I love zootopia it’s a great movie I almost cried watching this

The Contenders

11 The Rescuers
12 The Little Mermaid
13 Cars

Cars is about a Lightning McQueer person who is a Transformer cause
Transformers > Cars - AlphaQ

14 Oliver & Company
15 The Jungle Book
16 Finding Dory
17 One Hundred and One Dalmatians
18 The Hunchback of Notre Dame

About a big nerd who bends over a lot. - AlphaQ

19 Frozen

About a prostitute who threw people into a freezer and farts - AlphaQ

20 Moana

This isn't sad at all. No lie. - AlphaQ

21 Coco

@AlphaQ, this movie is not is about drugs...

This movie was pretty sad I teared up a little - Phillip873

This movie blows. Plus who'd make a movie about Crack TF? - AlphaQ

22 Gordy
23 Beauty and the Beast
24 Brave

This movie will make you cry into your Scottish kilts - TwilightKitsune

25 The Tigger Movie
26 Avengers: Infinity War
27 The Good Dinosaur
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