Top 10 Depressing or Sad Non-Disney Animated Movies

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All Dogs Go to Heaven All Dogs Go to Heaven Product Image

What makes this movie even sadder and depressing is the tragedy with Judith Barsi who voices Anne Marie who was suffering a lot of abuse from her father who eventually murdered her and her mother a year before the movie's release, at one point Judith was originally suppose to sing the song in the movie "Come Home to My Heart" but during recording she kept breaking down in tears due to all the abuse from her father and because of how much the song related to her, Don Bluth heartbroken over the death of Judith Barsi made the personality of Anne Marie more like Judith's actual personality. - egnomac

I'd rip Judith's father limb from limb, torture him until he died if I ever set eyes on him!

RIP Judith Barsi.

Grave of the Fireflies Grave of the Fireflies Product Image

This whole movie is just one big snuff film that its almost hard to watch more than once. - egnomac

The Land Before Time The Land Before Time Product Image

The whole movies is centered on these young dinosaur kids being separated from their families as they try to make their way to the great valley while avoiding the ruthless sharptooth who wants to eat them and in the first act of the movie Littlefoot's mother dies while fighting off the sharptooth and Littlefoot is left without his mother's guidance as he tries to get the other dinosaur kids to work together in order to get to the great valley which proves problematic especially with Cera the stubborn triceratops who prefers to do everything by herself. - egnomac

An American Tail An American Tail Product Image

Most of the movie is pretty depressing as Fievel attempts to reunite with his family after getting lost at sea during a storm then arriving in New York City unfortunately Fievel find himself in one situation after another like when he is lured by Warren T Rat who sells him off to a sweatshop owner and getting lost all over New York all while his mother and father just assume that he's dead with Tanya being the only one who believes he's still alive and throughout the movie there were several moments where he and his family were so close to each other but end up missing each other at one point Fievel completely gives up on finding his family until he is finally reunited with them in the final moments of the movie. - egnomac

The Iron Giant The Iron Giant Product Image

The scene where the Iron Giant goes off to intercept the missile flying off like superman to save the town from being destroyed blowing himself up in the process truly heartbreaking. - egnomac

Ringing Bell Ringing Bell Product Image

Its basically the story of a baby lamb who's mother is killed by a wolf and seeks revenge against said wolf with the intention of killing the wolf, he is eventually taken under the wolf's guidance who trains him to be more like him he later orders to him to kill the other sheep in the barn where the lamb was born but instead kills the wolf fulfilling his vow of revenge but ultimately becomes a monster in the process even having these devil like horns and becomes a loner as the other sheep don't want him around because of what he has become. - egnomac

The Last Unicorn The Last Unicorn Product Image
Charlotte's Web (1973) Charlotte's Web (1973) Product Image

Yeah this movie is pretty depressing and sad especially when Charlotte dies after laying her eggs and then later when the eggs finally hatch and all of Charlotte's kids fly off leaving Wilbur alone and heartbroken again but thankfully 3 of Charlotte's kids choose to stay behind. - egnomac

The Brave Frog The Brave Frog Product Image

Also known as Demetan Croaker, The Boy frog This movie has so many characters being killed and beaten in brutal ways not shying away from the sadistic side of nature, in one scene a mother turtle cry's after finding all her eggs destroyed claiming they were murdered but is given a glimpse of hope when Jonathan and Pookie find one of her eggs that wasn't destroyed later the King orders one of his goons to take the egg from the turtle mother by force and she dies while trying to protect it giving the egg to Jonathan and Pookie to look after it for her only for it later to be revealed that the egg was just a ping pong ball meaning the mother turtle was killed for no reason. - egnomac

Watership Down Watership Down Product Image

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When the Wind Blows When the Wind Blows Product Image

This whole movie is basically watching an old couple as they slowly die from radiation poisoning following a nuclear blast as they still believe that help is coming even though its clear that there is no help coming for them. - egnomac

Pokemon The First Movie Pokemon The First Movie Product Image

Pretty sad and depressing with Mewtwo created for the sole purpose of being nothing more than a tool for Giovanni's own selfish purposes before breaking free and holding a deep resentment towards all humans as well as the Pokemon who serve under them that Mewtwo tires to use a storm to destroy mankind while taking their pokemon to create super clones and later having the clones and Pokemon fight each other to the point where it gets really ugly and Ash unwilling to stand by and allow them to destory each other throws himself in the middle of Mew and Mewtwo's battle causing an end to the fighting while he turns to stone while Pikachu relentlessly tries to revive him until it breaks down crying while all the other Pokemon fallow suit. - egnomac

This is the first film to make me cry. - girlcool

Plague Dogs (1982) Plague Dogs (1982) Product Image
The Tigger Movie The Tigger Movie Product Image
Jetsons: The Movie Jetsons: The Movie Product Image

George O'Hanlon and Mel Blanc's last film. - girlcool

Song of the Sea Song of the Sea Product Image
Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart Jack and the Cuckoo-Clock Heart Product Image
Your Name Your Name Product Image
Wolf Children Wolf Children Product Image
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